Regent’s Roomshare Rethink

first_imgRegent’s Park have announced a landmark change to accommodation rules that will allow men and women to share two person flats, a living arrangement that was previously impossible.The decision was made by the PPH authorities following a fellow’s meeting, and confirmed in a JCR meeting on Wednesday.It was decided that the policy would no longer apply to future choices in third year accommodation. In an email sent out to Regent’s Park students, JCR President Jack Weston said, “Good news! College have confirmed that they’re happy for one male and one female person to share a two person flat. “This means we can now move things forward (at last!). Straight after the JCR Main Meeting at 7.45pm on Monday (20th Feb), we’ll have another meeting to determine which rooms will be occupied by which people next year.”The meeting on Monday will determine rooms according to positions on the housing ballot.Fiona Floate, PA to the Regent’s Park Principal, commented, “The peculiar layout of the some of our college accommodation led to the introduction of this policy many years ago.“It has never been an issue raised by the students before, but this year the SCR and JCR independently decided that it should be set aside.”JCR Welfare Rep Kirsty Borthwick pointed out that, “The process went really smoothly and represents the wishes of the JCR fully. This was quite simply a move to modernise an outdated set of ballot rules.”The change followed a unanimous vote by the JCR.Alasdair Maher, former LGBT rep and current Social Sec, explained what may have been a reason for the old rule, saying, “I think it was mainly a concern that people in relationships living together in close proximity during their final year may result in tension or stress on their studies if their relationship were to break down.”Ben Hudson described the change as “progressive” and “fair,” adding, “it makes sense to give people more opportunity to choose who they live with.”When asked why the rule had taken so long to overturn, Hudson commented, “This was probably just the first year when people were organised enough to do something about it. It’s just a very old rule that people hadn’t thought about enough to question.”These sentiments were echoed by second year Philosophy and Theology student Trisha Soneji,who said, “I am glad that this change has taken place, it makes choosing people to live with far easier.“I’m not sure why college had the rule in the first place, but it is good that they have now amended it.”last_img read more

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