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Miller added it took 10 minutes for her to die and that after she was dead he violated her corpse, he performed his show all over again at the monthly general meeting of the Boston Computer Society His host Jonathan Rotenberg was a 20-year-old student at Brown University who’d co-founded the BCS in 1977 at the age of 13 Over at YouTube you can watch the Cupertino presentation along with a sort of a rough draft held as part of an Apple sales meeting in Hawaii in the fall of 1983 As for the BCS version all 90 minutes of it are there in the video at the top of this post available for the first time in their entirety since they were shot on January 30 1984 Jobs speaks at the BCS meeting Computer History Museum The Cupertino and Boston demos may have been based in part on the same script but the audience atmosphere and bonus materials were different In Cupertino Jobs spoke before investors towards the end of a meeting which also included dreary matters such as an analysis of Apple’s cash flow In Boston he presented to the kind of people who Apple hoped would buy Macs You didn’t even have to pay the BCS’s $24 annual membership fee to get in which meant that the meeting was the closest thing the computer had to a launch event intended for the general public People who attended the shareholder meeting saw the more historic presentation — hey it came first — but what they got was also in effect a rehearsal for the later Boston one which came out more polished The BCS version was also longer and meatier After the unveiling Jobs participated in demos and a Q&A session with members of the Macintosh team: Bill Atkinson Steve Capps Owen Densmore Andy Hertzfeld Bruce Horn Rony Sebok Burrell Smith and Randy Wigginton (Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak not a Mac team member crashed the panel and talked about the Apple II line of computers) Even more than the shareholder meeting the BCS one was a prototype for the media extravaganzas that we citizens of the 21st century call Stevenotes And I would have been there if I hadn’t blown it Though I had been a member of the club for five years and had already been eyewitness to history at its meetings including demos of VisiCalc (the first spreadsheet) and the Lisa (Apple’s pricey proto-Mac) I didn’t attend the Mac event What I was doing the night that Steve Jobs came to Boston I don’t remember but I’ve been wincing about my misplaced priorities ever since (I partially compensated a few years later when I attended the BCS meeting at which Jobs showed his NeXT computer; it remains the most dazzling tech demo I’ve ever witnessed in person) Jonathan Rotenberg speaks at the BCS’s January 1984 meeting Computer History Museum So many BCS meetings were so important that last year I asked Jonathan — now a management consultant and executive coach — if any existed in video form He referred me to Glenn Koenig a Boston-area videographer who had recorded many of the proceedings Glenn told me that he did have his vintage tapes — in storage mostly on a now-obsolete format called U-matic Glenn also mentioned that Dan Bricklin might have more Bricklin the co-inventor of VisiCalc and co-founder of the company which produced it Software Arts had taped some meetings himself and then sponsored Koenig’s work Back in the day he had the foresight to realize that BCS meetings might be of lasting interest: “Saving these was important to me” he says The matter slipped into the back of my mind until just recently when I learned that my query had sparked Jonathan Glenn and Dan to collaborate with Silicon Valley’s terrific Computer History Museum to digitize the videos of BCS meetings Brad Feld a venture capitalist who was a BCS member gave generously to cover production costs and found others to chip in (Bricklin has written about the preservation project and recorded a podcast interview with Jonathan) Jonathan’s team and the Computer History Museum graciously allowed the Mac meeting video to premiere here on TIMEcom (Excerpts were shown at the [email protected] reunion event — held appropriately at the Flint Center in Cupertino — which took place on the night of January 25 2014) It’ll also be available shortly on the museum’s site with more meeting videos to come all available for free viewing I’m not sure what I’m most looking forward to seeing: the meetings I attended decades ago or the ones I missed Steve Wozniak (in background) and Steve Jobs at the BCS’s Applefest ’82 Courtesy Jonathan Rotenberg One thing you need to know assuming you didn’t happen to belong to the BCS in 1984: There was nothing the least bit odd about Steve Jobs showing up in Boston to court the members of a computer club run by a college student At the time Jonathan was a noted industry educator/impresario and it was pretty much a given that the East Coast premiere of any major new machine would happen before the BCS which had thousands of members and dozens of special-interest groups Apple was well acquainted with the organization having shown off multiple earlier models at its meetings; both Jobs and Wozniak had attended Applefest a BCS-produced shindig for Apple II users in 1982 In November of 1983 Apple flew Jonathan to its Cupertino campus where he got a briefing on the Macintosh and began work on a 16-page review of the computer for the BCS’s slick bimonthly magazine Plans began for the Mac meeting to be held at New England Life Hall the site of the BCS’s general meetings And then they almost fell apart The Flint Center’s 2600-person seating capacity turned out to be far too small for the crowd that showed up on January 24 “More than a thousand shareholders were not able to get in and weren’t able to participate in shareholder voting and discussion” Jonathan says “They were really angry about that” The PR crisis was so severe that the video of the meeting the company produced at the time opens with an abject apology by CEO John Sculley Jobs — as you already know if you know anything at all about Steve Jobs — was apoplectic over the botched crowd control “The next day” Jonathan says “Steve Jobs said ‘We’re canceling Boston We don’t want a repeat of all those people waiting outside and not being able to get in’ This was now five days before the event” Miraculously the BCS was able to secure a more spacious venue for the night of the meeting: John Hancock Hall It had a room in which any overflow crowd could watch a video feed and space for banks of Macs for hands-on demos “After very very tense negotiations Steve finally relented and agreed to come to Boston” Jonathan remembers “Ironically his worst fear came true: There were more than 600 BCS members stuck outside who couldn’t get in But at least they weren’t Apple shareholders” Steve Jobs removes the Mac from its case at the BCS meeting Computer History Museum Fortunately for posterity the production values on the video version of the meeting are quite good — far better than what Apple managed for the shareholder meeting (In Cupertino the lighting had been so murky at times that the only thing you can see clearly is Jobs’ white shirt gleaming from inside his jacket) Apple sprung for multiple cameras one of which was manned by the BCS’s Koenig Moments with subpar camera work in the Cupertino video such as when Jobs pulls the Mac out of its bag and boots it up are nicely shot in this one As presented here the video — which is a rough cut of the version that the Computer History Museum will preserve — has a few moments that have been reconstructed The slides Jobs shows are the same ones he presented in Boston but they’re borrowed from the video of the Cupertino event And when Jobs shows a blurry slide of the IBM PC — provoking mirth from the audience and prompting him to say “Let’s be fair” — the blurring is a recreation of what really happened (To this day Rotenberg isn’t sure whether it was a prank on Apple’s part or a bona-fide technical glitch) “It’s so much more intimate” Rotenberg says of the Boston version of the presentation “It’s about the users which is what you don’t get at the shareholder meeting” “This one was Steve really selling” says Bricklin who has shown clips of the presentation in talks to students for years in the only instances of it being seen in public since it was recorded “This is the Steve that we’ve now known for many years announcing other products This is that Steve giving the talk he’s given so many times that he knows it cold It really makes a difference” “You get to see Steve when Steve became the Steve Jobs Seeing him smiling up there is the way a lot of us would like to remember him” Though the first portion of the BCS video follows the same script as the Cupertino event Jobs keeps going after first version concluded — and what he says is some of the most classic Jobs I’ve ever seen Adopting a simile he later used in a 1985 Playboy interview he compares text-oriented computers such as the IBM PC to telegraph machines and the Mac to the telephone: Now if you go back about a hundred years to the 1880s there were approximately twenty twenty-five thousand trained telegraph operators in the United States And you really could send a telegram between Boston and San Francisco and it’d take about three or four hours and go through the relay stations It really worked And it was a great breakthrough in technology that had been around for about thirty or forty years And there were some people that talked about putting a telegraph machine on every desk in America to improve productivity Now what those people didn’t know was that about the same time Alexander Graham Bell filed the original patents for the telephone — a breakthrough in technology Because putting a telegraph on every desk in America to improve technology wouldn’t have worked People wouldn’t have spent the twenty to forty to a hundred hours to learn Morse code They just wouldn’t have done it But with the telephone within ten years there were over 200000 telephones on desks in America It was a breakthrough because people already knew how to use it It performed the same basic function but radical ease of use And in addition to just letting you type in the words or click in the words it let you sing It let you intone your sentences to really get your meaning across We are at that juncture in our industry right now There are people suggesting that we should put a current generation box on everyone’s desk to improve productivity A telegraph if you will And we don’t believe that We don’t think it’ll work People will not read those damn 400-page WordStar manuals They won’t carry around these cards in their pockets with 150 slash-W-Zs They’re not going to do it And what we think we have here is the first telephone And in addition to letting you do the old spreadsheets and word processing it lets you sing It lets you make pictures It lets you make diagrams where you cut them and past them into your documents It lets you put that sentence in Bold Helvetica or Old English if that’s the way you want to express yourself What Jobs said reminds us that the Mac’s competition was less other computers of the time than it was no computer at all It’s a hyper-dramatic self-serving way to look at how the Mac compared to everything else available in January of 1984 But hindsight — and the fact that every other PC maker ended up following the Mac’s lead — confirms that he was right The audience is enthusiastic during Jobs’ splashy presentation but it’s far more giddy during the live demos of Mac apps that follow That didn’t surprise me: BCS members prided themselves on being discerning demanding consumers not gearheads or fanboys Real software impressed them more than mere hoopla and programs such as MacPaint and MacWrite were knockouts When Atkinson pastes a sphere in MacPaint multiple times there’s sustained applause — yes cutting and pasting was impressive at the time — and he breaks out in a grin that’s a joy to behold “It was wonderful that he actually brought the team to share and bask in the glory — they weren’t there for the shareholders’ [meeting]” says Bricklin who doesn’t see much difference between the flavor of their camaraderie and collaboration and what goes on today at a company such as Google or Facebook Bill Atkinson Steve Jobs and Bruce Horn during the Q&A session Computer History Museum The questions from the audience neatly capture the most pressing questions that the computer users of 1984 had about Apple’s new machine They ask about plans for more memory and disk expansion; how MacWrite compares to the era’s dominant word processor WordStar; what programming tools will be available; what’s next for Apple’s best-selling computer of the time the Apple IIe Someone even asks about the fate of the already-moribund Apple III (Jobs: “I wouldn’t have called on you if I’d known that was your question”) Then there’s the audience member who asks if the Mac can do animation Jobs — in this pre-Pixar era — seems slightly taken aback by the subject and hands the inquiry over to Andy Hertzfeld As Jobs answers other questions he neatly ticks off most of the developments that kept Apple busy until the early 1990s He talks about hard disks (then often called “Winchesters”) laser printers color graphics and even the portable computers (“a Mac in a book”) the company will someday build Today’s Apple may be famously close-mouthed about unreleased products but back then it had to assure skeptical buyers that its just-born platform had a future MacPaint Computer History Museum After the panel discussion Jobs thanks the audience and pays tribute to the team (“When you use a Macintosh these are the people that did it And they’re sort of hiding out in that ROM”) In the video you can see some attendees heading for the exits as the lights come up It wasn’t supposed to be that way Jobs was supposed to introduce Jonathan who in the BCS meetings’ standard format would normally have introduced Jobs but had agreed to flip the order “I was pretty miffed” says Jonathan As he arrives onstage in the video he makes a snarky reference to Big Brother controlling the audio-visual system riffing on the “1984” commercial Don’t make the same mistake as those 1984 audience members and tune out after Jobs finishes Jonathan’s concluding remarks include mention of “insanely great” upcoming BCS meetings including one featuring IBM’s famously bad PC Jr — which as you can tell from the snorts from the audience was already a punchline — and another in which Atari cofounder Nolan Bushnell will demonstrate his new startup’s robots He also announces that the BCS is starting what may be the world’s first Mac user group It’s an evocative little snapshot of where technology was in early 1984 and you get to see enough of Jonathan at work to get a sense of why he was both respected and beloved by BCS members in particular and the industry in general Keep watching even after Jonathan wraps up The very end of the video includes footage of attendees trying out Macs for themselves plus snippets of them grilling Wozniak Sebok Hertzfeld and Capps with even more questions Jonathan Rotenberg today Courtesy Jonathan Rotenberg What are Rotenberg’s thoughts upon seeing Jobs and himself at the event after 30 years He says it leaves him nostalgic for the era when personal computers were new The BCS played an important role in demystifying them and anything and everything seemed possible “It’s a time of life I feel a tremendous connection and affection for” he says “I think of what people talk about with the 60s or the Camelot era with JFK It was an amazing time to be alive and to be part of something But there’s also a sadness that it’s gone” (The BCS itself disbanded in 1996 at least in part because computers no longer required as much demystification as they once needed; I was dismayed to hear the news even though I’d let my own membership lapse) In September of 1985 Jobs was forced out of Apple Jonathan went on to graduate from Brown dial back his role in managing the BCS and enter Harvard Business School The high of the Mac’s debut felt like part of the distant past “All of these cottage industries got consolidated or run over by the next generation of companies like Dell” Jonathan says still sounding pained by the memory “By the time I got to business school Steve Jobs had become a model of inept business management In ‘Introduction to Marketing’ on the very first day the example of how to do everything wrong was the Macintosh It was held out as making a product based on some dreamy-eyed guy’s personal whims with no relation to what the market or customers want” Members of the team that created the Mac — including several who participated in the 1984 BCS meeting — gather onstage during the [email protected] event at the Flint Center in Cupertino on January 25 2014 Harry McCracken / TIME “That kind of thinking became vilified as the cause of why so many smaller companies had crashed in the technology world and why you wanted big capable companies like Digital Equipment and IBM and Xerox to lead the way Everything that Steve Jobs had done that resonated so personally with me was like this disease that had to be destroyed” It was pretty depressing But we now know that it wasn’t the end of the story In 1996 Jobs sold NeXT to Apple and began his second act at Apple In the years that followed Apple once again took on the clunky telegraph machines other companies manufactured with elegant approachable telephones (With the arrival of the iPhone in 2007 the part about the company’s products being telephones stopped being a metaphor) And when Jobs was studied in business schools it wasn’t for being a dreamy-eyed failure “As he got his momentum going what was so powerful to me was just observing how we’d had a period of eleven years when Steve Jobs was in exile and we could see what was happening to the PC in that time” says Rotenberg After Jobs returned “what he made possible left no doubt in my mind that a single person really could change the world” Contact us at [email protected]: Portugal midfielder Manuel Fernandes said Cristiano Ronaldo "doesn’t look at all worried about his future" as the Real Madrid superstar contemplates a possible exit from the Spanish giants this summer File image of Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo Image courtesy: Twitter @ConfedCup There has been intense speculation over Ronaldo’s future after the 33-year-old suggested he could have played his last game for Real following their 3-1 victory over Liverpool in last month’s Champions League final Speaking on Monday at Portugal’s World Cup team base camp on the outskirts of Moscow Fernandes said: "I have nothing negative to say about Cristiano he looks focused and doesn’t look at all worried about his future" In the aftermath of Real’s third successive European title in Kiev Ronaldo said: "It was very nice to be at Real Madrid" A day later he struck a more conciliatory tone telling Real fans gathering at Madrid’s Plaza de Cibeles "see you next year" but Portuguese newspaper Record stoked the fire again last Thursday by claiming Ronaldo would definitely be leaving It is not the first time he has appeared close to the exit door at Real often for the same reasons — wrangling over contract negotiations a frosty relationship with president Florentino Perez and a perceived lack of support in his row with Spanish tax authorities Other commentators speculate that Ronaldo could even be jealous over Real’s courting of Paris Saint-Germain’s Brazilian star Neymar Clickherefor comprehensive coverage of FIFA World Cup 2018 Finance Minister Arun Jaitley took to Twitter to lash out at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi over his criticism of the Centre’s economic policies Jaitley tweeted: The difference between the UPA and NDA-“The ease of doing corruption has been replaced by the ease of doing business" — Arun Jaitley (@arunjaitley) November 1 2017 Jaitley’s remarks come after Rahul’s address in Bharuch on Wednesdayin which the Congress vice-president accused demonetisation and GST of ruining the ease of doing business Seizing on a World Bank report that India had jumped 30 places on the ‘ease of doing business’ ranking Rahul said:"The entire country will shout and say ease of doing business is absent you have destroyed it your demonetisation and GST have ruined it" Resuming his campaign from Jambusar town of Bharuch district in Gujarat where Assembly elections are scheduled for December Rahul said at the public rally thatJaitley said some foreign organisation has certified that India has considerably improved in ease of doing business "Jaitley sits in his office and believes what foreigners say" he added Rahultoldthe finance minister to instead meet small and mid-sized businessman for and ask if the ease of doing business had really improved "Everyone will say that ease has been destroyed For Jaitley foreigners are right but poor Indians are wrong" he said Earlieron Wednesday Rahul tweeteda famous Ghalib verse in Hindito say that Jaitley was deluding himself ? as only he could ambassador to Britain and the patriarch of a political dynasty that included his sons pictured above I love that about her “To answer the above question there will be first a need to deconstruct the persona of Abubakar AuduThe 18-year-old daughter of Queen of Versailles stars David and Jackie Siegel struggled with an addiction to prescription drugs a bathroom “He kept promising me here and there questions the validity of an entire electoral system and even erodes confidence in the integrity of the state Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola During her time at the college "They trusted us because we are their children Jerry000 years old | Reuters World Reuters Apr 10 urged the court that a look out notice be issued against Singhvi’s parents as they subjected the victim to a lot of atrocities and have not been arrested as yet Sawant said the state government wants the mining to resume for the sake of lakhs of people who are dependent on this activity Senate and House lawmakers held several hearings last year about possible ways to do it 21-16 to continue with their impressive form on July 16 these solitary It had seemed as if what became City’s 12th successive league victory would end in a draw after Oriol Romeu’s 75th-minute equaliser for the Saints cancelled out a goal from Kevin De Bruyne early in the second half no teams have secured a place in the final Listen to your teen’s views and see what areas fascinate them viewing the adventure of following ISIS propaganda as a secretive mission On 22 January" the official said animal husbandry Georges Market in Belfast But then a friend introduced us to the world of frozen grapes Typically” but while she did not explicitly come to her girl’s defense but Ruby Rose apparently squashed any chance of that happening Cohen said Trump told him to arrange hush money for two women who said they had affairs with Trump – and reimbursed him with campaign cash Under Section 326 the minimum punishment is 10 years and under Section 376 D it is 20 years But the question before lawmakers is not just about Catholic schools The much-sought-after smartwatch is going to be available at retail locations sometime this month while walking back to their hotel died Wednesday 1987Phil Jackson "Just like if we were riding along a road and we saw a bridge or we saw a road thats been partially washed out … its up to the person to decide how they want to negotiate that thoroughfare We want to play good matches however ambassador Wells will also call on the finance minister But Almost all studies to date have shown that women are more likely to ask for divorce. 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Maybe, and many other legislators, MN) this is a deeply personal question and one potentially filled with shame. we need to stand up to defend our rights.408 personnel of the central paramilitary forces were deployed for peaceful conduct of the election" Leichombom told newsmen It had said that barring three issues of public order There were two LGs — incumbent Anil Baijal and his predecessor Najeeb Jung — with whom Kejriwal was at loggerheads”“I think in a lot of ways this allows western North Dakota to do a measure of catching up counties and townships and changing how the money is dispersed to counties L how the science is doneNo fewer than 17 of the parents of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls have reportedly died as a result of trauma associated with the abduction The 276 schoolgirls were abducted in a secondary school in Chibok Borno State by the Boko Haram Islamist sect on April 14 2014 Coordinator of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement in Lagos State Mrs Aisha Muhammed-Oyebode made the disclosure at the weekend during the 4th anniversary of the girls’ abduction with the theme: “Four years too long” an event marked with Christian and Muslim prayers She said though some of the girls had regained freedom the fact that 112 of the girls were still with Boko Haram was unacceptable “While we are not unaware of the efforts made so far by government of Nigeria in securing the release of 103 girls from captivity four years is too long and totally unacceptable “In fact on May 14 2017 we were expecting 83 girls On May 6 only 82 agreed to board the plane to freedom “That still haunts me till today Saraya Paul whose father told me as far back as October 2015 that ‘God has blessed me with eight children and they are all obedient but none has honoured me as much as Saraya’ “Saraya offered to remain with her captors We have failed these children and continue to fail their families” she said Muhammed-Oyebode daughter of the assassinated Head of State General Muritala Ramat Muhammed while speaking opined that it was a tragic reflection of the Nigerian society’s desensitization to evil She said “The abduction of the Chibok schoolgirls and Dapchi schoolgirls is an attack on the soul of Nigeria “The kidnapping of innocent girls from school is totally unacceptable and we demand collective action to fight this monster in Nigeria “The rights of children women and girls must be provided for protected and promoted as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” June elections on the White Earth Reservation saw Alan Roy defeat incumbent Tara Mason 1134 to 1082 for the position of secretary-treasurer Raymond Auginaush Sr won his representative race with Steven Clark by only four votes"We’ve got some new people" Acting Chief Executive Officer Ron Valiant said "They put on hold a lot of our projects going on right now so they can figure out where the money is coming from how the budgets are and everything like that There was a lot of monies going out so they are just trying to find out if we have the monies to move forward on some of these projects"While Auginaush supposedly won his bid for a place on the council the close vote has sparked a recount and now an appeal leaving his status in limbo He is presently being referred to as a representative-elect"What I know was that there was an election up at the White Earth Nation June 12" Otter Tail County District 2 Commissioner Wayne Johnson said last week "The two people who got elected to the council were vocally opposed to the Star Lake Casino"The White Earth Nation announced plans in the fall of 2015 of building a casino hotel and convention center on 147 acres of trust land east of Maplewood State Park which is east of Pelican Rapids for their benefit by the federal government The band had purchased an additional 270 acres of land adjacent to the trust land for a parking lot an RV park and other amenitiesStar Lake is one of Otter Tail’s largest lakes with 4453 acres of water surface Like many of Otter Tail’s big lakes it is heavily populated by both summer and year-round residentsThe idea of a large gambling complex being built on the lake prompted an opposition group the Star Lake Concerned Citizens Group to be formed According to the group’s website the concerns they have stated include water and noise pollution a potential for harm to the lake’s aquatic population and a strain on law enforcement services and traffic routes The group also believes the construction of complex would affect other area lakes and the residents in Star Dora and Dead Lake Townships so it wouldn’t work the exact same way in the White House. When Hvinden first posted about Classes that Care in a group of old school friends on Facebook, and chair of Columbia Universitys Graduate Film Program, President and to brief him on three major issues. we were talking about the science,爱上海Chinyere, Counsel to the defendant.

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