Facebooks new email service is censoring links to the Pirate Bay

first_imgFacebook‘s new messaging system is meant to make it easy to move seamlessly between instant messages, SMSes and e-mail, but it’s also ready to censor your messages if you decide to link to file sharing sites.To be fair, Facebook’s long been censoriously anti-piracy: try to post a link to The Pirate Bay on your wall or in a private message to your friend and see. That said, as Facebook becomes a webmail portal, it’s surprising to see the social network try to exert even more control over the actual content of what’s being said in e-mail.If you try to send an email to someone using Facebook’s new message system, and if that message has a link to the Pirate Bay, Facebook will unceremoniously refuse to say the message with the following error:Message Failed. This message contains blocked content that has been previously flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error. An error it is. There are numerous legal reasons to link to The Pirate Bay: for example, to link friends to your own copyright-free torrents. Moreover, as a messaging service, Facebook is actually exempt from liability if people share links to illegal download sites using their service, according to the EFF.Mark Zuckerberg keeps on saying Facebook is all about being open and free, but how open and free can you be when you can’t even discuss certain subjects using Facebook’s system, lest you be automatically censored? If this is Zuckerberg’s vision of a free and open Internet, count me out.Read more at Epicenterlast_img read more

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