HYDE Dresses as Harley Quinn for Halloween Concert Breaks Internet in Japan

first_img DC’s ‘Harley Quinn’ Cartoon Is Going To Make It After All11 Groundbreaking Female Comic Book Artists Stay on target Halloween has taken off as a full-fledged party holiday in Japan, and while we all would like to think of the West as the masters of spooky, this is one of those times we must hang our heads in humbleness. Mega rock star HYDE debuted his Harley Quinn costume yesterday at his band VAMPS’ annual Halloween event in Tokyo, and the combination of what is happening here is enough to blow our minds.HYDE’s Harley Quinn selfie he posted to Instagram on October 22.First of all, HYDE is definitely a dude, and it’s awesome that he’s able to pull off a cute look like this as well. Infamous for his beautiful bishounen looks, HYDE has shamed all others who hope to pull off this cosplay.Second, HYDE is also 47 years old. 47!!! What the heck? I would like to hop onto that sparkling smooth skin train to eternal beauty town also, please!HYDE posing with singer Aya Koshiro.Thirdly, it never ceases being bizarre to me that the Suicide Squad movie did pretty well in Japan, so much so that a rock god like HYDE would be putting in this much effort to cosplay one of its characters. Maybe something was lost, or found rather, in translation.Lastly, the internet sort of lost its shit after these photos were posted. Some funny responses to the photos posted on HYDE’s Instagram account and VAMPS’ Twitter are generally along the lines of, “That’s a 47-year-old man?,” “I guess I’ll quit being a woman. HYDE is doing it better, ” and “This is too perfect.”HYDE with Aki, bassist for the band SID.The photos have been up for just a day, and have already gotten thousands of likes and retweets.HYDE is known for his complicated cosplay and has previously dressed up as characters from Rozen Maiden, Mad Max, and Black Butler.HYDE showed off this bat he had personalized to wear with his costume to the his band VAMPS’  Halloween event.HYDE is most famous for his work as lead singer and songwriter of L’Arc-en-Ciel and founding the band Vamps with guitarist K.A.Z. As an accomplished winter, songwriter, producer, and actor who has performed in sold out shows across the world, we sort of feel like he could throw his hat in the ring to be a leg model, too.Basically perfection.last_img read more

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