3DS system kernel has been unlocked with a save game

first_imgNintendo has been working hard to cut down on piracy on its handheld systems. The thorn in Nintendo’s side was the use of R4 carts that could carry thousands of illegal DS games, but it has succeeded in getting such cards banned in most major sales territories.The lack of an R4 solution has forced hackers to try and find other ways of unlocking the hardware and it looks as though a solution has now been found for the 3DS $299.99 at Amazon .A hacker by the name of Neimod has announced he’s managed to unlock access to the system kernel on an unmodified 3DS. In so doing, it’s possible to run custom code on the device, meaning homebrew development and piracy becomes possible.Neimod isn’t sharing the exploit with anyone yet though, because it relies on a save game from a specific 3DS retail game. Neimod is worried if he goes public Nintendo will auto-patch the game and remove copies from sale making it difficult to source. Instead, he wants to figure out how to make the exploit persist without the game being required.If Neimod is successful it will open up the 3DS to piracy. However, there are other legitimate reasons for people wanting the ability to unlock their device. Nintendo now uses region locking for 3DS games, meaning you just can’t play some titles or end up waiting many months for a release in your territory. There’s also developers out there who want to experiment with 3DS for games creation.Even if Neimod manages to make this exploit persist, Nintendo has the ability to auto-patch a 3DS and close the security hole. The company has also made it clear they have no issue with bricking your 3DS if piracy is detected.GBATemp.net, via VentureBeatlast_img read more

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