Sony waited at least a day before revealing PSN hack

first_imgSony’s executive team may have painted itself into a corner regarding information sharing about the recent PlayStation Network server breach. A document dated May 6, handed to the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry by Sony, gives a breakdown of the events that occurred from the moment Sony knew something was up with their PSN servers. That time period started on April 25, but we didn’t know anything publicly and official until April 26.That 24 hour period is key, as the document states Sony knew a large amount of data had been taken on the 25th, but chose not to issue a statement until the 26th. On May 1st Kazuo Hirai, president of Sony’s gaming division, stated they didn’t know about the breach until the 26th. Again, this is a day later than the document states.AdChoices广告Also at issue here is how much Sony knew and decided to disclose publicly. On the 25th it knew lots of data had been taken, but not specifically which data. On the 26th all Sony would say is the possibility that user’s personal details had been taken could not be ruled out.The reason given for not being more cautious and publicly saying user data was probably taken is surprising. In the document Sony states “We hadn’t figured out what kind of data had been leaked … we didn’t want to bewilder our customers.”In the end, the user details of 77 million accounts was stolen from PSN followed by millions more from Sony Online Entertainment servers. This new detail from the Sony’s own timeline document is sure to put more pressure on the company to explain exactly what went on, why there are discrepancies, and why they didn’t share more information sooner.via MarketWatchMatthew’s OpinionI think there is still a lot more to learn about Sony’s actions during this time period. We followed the PSN downtime pretty closely and you may remember PSN was offline from April 21 and ruined Easter weekend for a lot of gamers. The next we heard was on April 25 when PSN was still offline as Sony was tracking an “external intrusion”. The following day we found out the truth when Sony admitted being hacked.So if this document states that the hack was detected on April 25, why was PSN down from the 21st? Did Sony think something was amiss but not figure out what it was specifically for four days? That’s very poor management and threat response times if it turns out to be true.While Sony may have decided not to “bewilder” customers, I think the opposite has happened by not being upfront and timely with the details of the hack. Users are more bewildered than ever by how Sony manages its systems.last_img read more

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