Windows Phone 7 Update Reportedly Still Causing Problems for Samsung Owners

first_imgOn the bright side, the Windows Phone 7 update isn’t bricking Samsung phones anymore, but it is still causing headaches – enough that some users are being forced to factory reset their devices. Last week, Samsung and Microsoft pulled the plug on the update altogether, acknowledging that the firmware update – one that’s supposed to set the stage for a larger WP7 feature update later this month – was rendering some devices useless. Yesterday, we reported that Samsung and Microsoft had resolved the issue and Samsung owners would start seeing the update when their devices were eligible to receive it. Today, after that update has started to make its way to users again, many Samsung users are reporting mysterious error codes when trying to apply it. If the user tries to restore from backup to resolve the problem, the process fails – which leaves the phone owner no recourse but to do a factory reset. Ouch. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Support feed on Twitter has acknowledged the problem to several users, and promises that the team is working on a resolution. They stop short, however, of stopping the updates or suggesting workarounds. If you have a Samsung phone running Windows Phone 7, you may want to hold off on that firmware update until this is all worked out. [via Windows Phone Thoughts]last_img read more

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