Bluesun’s Incentive Academy presented – a new project in the Croatian hotel industry

first_imgBluesun’s trio of chefs connected Zagorje with the “rest of the world” through three gastro-mix sequences and only hinted at what awaits all participants at their workshops. The new concept is also intended for hedonists who like to escape from the city to eat well, drink, relax and learn a handful of new things in a pleasant atmosphere.”Whether it’s colleagues from our industry, someone who wants to learn more and improve in a certain field, or a beginner who wants knowledge, we will adapt the programs to each of them. “, pointed out Kovačić. This unique project in the Croatian hotel industry originated from the Bluesun Academy, the first internal hotel academy in Croatia, and is based on ten years of training and workshop experience, through which only last season, as many as 400 Bluesun employees – chefs, pastry chefs. waiter, bartender and sommelier.  First in line, Whiskey experience, under the mentorship of mixologist Damir Klisurić, will be held on December 19, and applications for it can be filled out on the website of the Bluesun Hotel Kaj. Attendees Incentive academies in Bluesun Hotel Kajo is waiting for education in small groups (maximum 6) in order to be able to adopt the latest culinary technologies with top, award-winning gastro-mix trio: chef Tomislav Kožić, Bluesun’s culinary chef, the most famous Croatian pastry chef, Petra Jelenić, corporate corporation and mixologist Damir Klisurić, corporate head of bar business. “This is the first time that a hotel chain has organized external workshops. It’s about „Knowledge incentive“Which is not intended exclusively for guests, but for all those who want something different and more – and they are and offer a synergy of mixology, confectionery and cuisine in an exclusive and innovative way. “Points out Martina Kovačić, director of Salve Regina doo and Bluesun Hotel Kaj. A series of specialized workshops of Bluesun’s corporate bosses was presented at the Bluesun Hotel Kaj, at a gastro-mix gathering called “Hot Drinks and Christmas Story”: Incentive Academy.  Attendees will learn the basics about this distillate, its colors, aromas, flavors, as well as its impact on history and social relations. Of course, everything will be able to be checked and practical, because this will be an opportunity to taste and evaluate some of the most special whiskeys from the Far East to America. This mixological story, of course, will be garnished with the sequences of the chef duo Kožić – Jelenić. From January, it is planned to hold one mixological and one gastronomic workshop every month, they point out from the Bluesun Hotel.last_img

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