Social Council for Tourism: Employers and unions in tourism jointly call for urgent measures to help tourism

first_imgIt is estimated that there are a total of about 10.000 such workers, both locals and mostly seasonal workers from the continent and Slavonia. “Although the workers do not currently have an established employment relationship, they have counted on employment in tourism and are equally affected by this situation, without social security and it is uncertain how long they will be able to start working.”Emphasize from the Social Council for Tourism. Photo: Lika destination _ Education of employees in tourism 1. Exemption from the obligation to pay taxes and contributions on salaries for workers who are currently out of work and / or working at a significantly reduced intensity, with the aim of preserving jobs and liquidity; 4. Reduction of VAT and deferral of tax payment; reduction of other fiscal and parafiscal obligations, concession fees and public levies to local governments  3. Favorable liquidity lending and / or elaboration of models for payment of existing and future liabilities (interest payments, principal deferral) and / or complete moratorium on credit liabilities for a certain period of time depending on the degree of threat  “Due to extraordinary circumstances, it is necessary to adopt extraordinary measures, which must enable that after the crisis, which will, we hope, end soon, we can continue to work as if it never existed. This means that all of us together must do everything to save jobs, ensure regular payment of workers’ salaries, but also compensation of salaries to those workers who, unfortunately, could not start working due to this situation. Measures must be taken immediately, so that the consequences of the lack of adequate measures do not ultimately deepen the chronic shortage of workers after the crisis caused by the coronavirus”, Said Marina Cvitić, president of the Trade Union of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia. The measures will depend on the duration and extent of the damage caused by the impact of the coronavirus on the economy, and in the situation of practically stopped or significantly reduced operation of catering facilities, urgent decisions are needed to ensure workers’ incomes. Therefore, for workers scheduled to work in the season with whom the employer has agreed employment, and will realize it with a greater delay, we propose the following measures: Priority measures are given to ensure liquidity in the next two months in the function of preserving jobs and to ensure business conditions for the continuation of the tourist year and the normalization of business, point out the Social Council for Tourism at HUP. “Urgent solutions are needed and it is important that all employers and trade unions and the Government of the Republic of Croatia, ie the public and state sector, give their contribution, because as employers lose part of their revenues, the public sector will have to make urgent decisions to reduce overall operating costs” said Natali Komen Bujas, director of HUP – Association of Hospitality and Tourism. Employers and unions in tourism are jointly appealing to urgently adopt measures to help tourism. “Preservation of employment and existing jobs in the situation of already present labor shortage in tourism is of key interest for the entire economy of the Republic of Croatia, since tourism in the Republic of Croatia is a fundamental driver of the entire economy and development of other closely related activities, transport, trade, agriculture, construction , culture, sports, etc.” said Eduard Andrić, President of the Trade Union of Tourism and Services of Croatia and President of the Social Council for Tourism We are also aware that if this situation persists, not only the employment of permanent workers is endangered and we also take special care of seasonal workers with whom employment has already been agreed, but due to this situation they failed to start work as planned, according to the Social Tourism Council. 1. Introduction of a job waiting fee in the amount of 70% of the average salary in the Republic of Croatia Through our role as a responsible social partner, we are talking as signatories of the Collective Agreement on Hospitality, considering the possibility of temporarily invalidating the agreement reached on increasing the minimum basic salaries in hospitality for 2020, the Social Council for Tourism points out. 5. Active approach of the Republic of Croatia and use of planned measures to help the tourism sector from EU funds Photo: Preserving employment and existing jobs is key The social partners in tourism expect urgent support from the Government of the Republic of Croatia for companies and workers and propose the following “Measures to help tourism and preserve jobs in the hospitality industry” due to the impact of the corona virus: 2. Expansion and adjustment of the measure Permanent seasonal – reduction of the obligation to engage this year; that seasonal workers who were supposed to start work, but have not been so far, may also be included in the measure; relaxation of conditions for the implementation of measures related to the minimum maintenance of the number of employed persons; 2. Extension of the permanent seasonal measure to all those who were supposed to be employed for the period of waiting for employment from 1 April onwardslast_img

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