ROAD TO PERDITION: Drivers high on drugs a danger to public safety

first_imgEnsuring PUV drivers are drug-free isa way of protecting the riding public from road mishaps, explained PoliceExecutive Master Sergeant Pedro Pericon, officer in charge of the ProvincialHighway Patrol Team-Iloilo. “Posiblemangin liable sila kon may matabo. PUV operators must practice extraordinarydiligence when it comes to safety,” said Pericon. Drivers hooked on drugs, he added,also have unreliable driving reflexes and easily get agitated. Don’t drink and drive, stressedPericon, as this is a sure way of figuring in a vehicular accident. But HPG eventually stopped its drugtesting. Pericon cited leadership changes in the police and the steep cost ofthe procedure. The police officer also reminded PUVoperators about their obligation to ensure public safety mandated by theircertificate of public convenience or franchise. Pericon observed that what’s mostly lacking among drivers isawareness on the proper use of public roads. Most of the vehicular accidentsinvolved motorcycles but there were also passenger jeepneys, private vehiclesand taxis, among others, said Police Colonel Roland Vilela, provincial policedirector. His team, according to Pericon, visitsvarious transport terminals to remind PUV drivers and operators about thedangers of drunk driving. HPG itself used to conduct random drugtests. Drivers who flunked were made to undergo drug rehabilitation. ILOILO City – Drug-addled drivers makepoor driving decisions and this puts the lives of their passengers at risk.Invoking public safety, the Highway Patrol Group’s (HPG) Provincial HighwayPatrol Team-Iloilo thus urged drivers, most especially of public utilityvehicles (PUV), to undergo voluntary drug testing and for PUV operators to makethis a regular practice.center_img “Very prejudicial sa safety sang ridingpublic ang isa ka driver nga nagagamit sang illegal drugs,” saidPericon. The Provincial Highway PatrolTeam-Iloilo also urged PUV operators to make sure their drivers are not reekingwith alcohol when driving. The Provincial Highway Patrol Team – Iloilo enforces traffic rulesand regulations fairly, he stressed. Data from the Iloilo Police ProvincialOffice showed that each month an average of 10 persons die in vehicularaccidents in the province. “We must do something to stem therising statistics on vehicular accidents and deaths,” he stressed. JEEPNEY RIDE. An Iloilo City-bound public utility jeepney picks up passengers gathered in front of a transport terminal in Barangay Buhang, Jaro district. The jeepney started as remodeled army vehicles left behind by US forces after World War II. Mainly patronized by low- to middle-income passengers, it has become the core of Philippine public transport. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN To date since Jan. 1 this year, theIPPO already recorded 102 road mishap fatalities. “Indi mantanan pero may mga drivers kulang gid ‘ya sang education with regards sa paggamit sang karsada. Like mayma-overtake sa solid line whichis indi puede. Pag-abot sa city may ‘Slowdown’ sign pero sige or wala sila naga-respond.May ‘No Parking’ sign pero naga-park gid,” lamented Pericon. The Highway Patrol Group is mandated to also help implement localtraffic ordinances, enforce the law related to carnapping, highway robbery,Presidential Decree (PD) 1612 or anti-fencing law, PD 96 or illegal attachmentof vehicles, and other crimes involving the use of motor vehicles on highways./PNlast_img

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