Cleaning Up Press Conferences

first_imgI have learned through the years that you don’t ask certain questions after a team loses unless you are prepared for what might come out of their mouth.  I still remember a young radio partner of mine asking to do the post-game interview after a tough Batesville basketball loss.  His first statement was “I thought you played very well, coach.”  I won’t repeat what the coach said, but he politely asked me not to let the young man do another interview that year.  Batesville was undefeated before that night and did not play well.This was really brought to mind after a recent tough loss by the Cincinnati Reds.  In a 5+ minute interview, Bryan Price was recorded as spouting 16.9 curses per minute.  This, however, is not the record.  In 1998 Hal McRae of the Royals, in a 1.1 minute interview, cursed 22 times.  Of course, today pro coaches and athletes use a certain 4-letter curse word without hesitation.  The FCC still has to bleep it out–even it is used 22 times a minute.  The moral of the story–be very careful what you ask a coach after a tough loss.  If you are the coach, simply refuse to be interviewed.  Let them think what they want, but don’t help them out.last_img

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