Former national cyclist Jason Boyce giving back to the sport he loves

first_imgPROFESSIONAL cycling is virtually non-existent in Essequibo despite periodic races that would be hosted in the county by the National Sports Commission (NSC).However, Jason Boyce defied the challenges at home to become a proud cyclist and represented both his county and country. The soft-spoken 23-year-old hails from the village of Charity and attended the Charity Secondary School.Boyce represented the sport for five years during which he excelled at the National Athletics Championship for Region 2 where cycling forms part of the range of physical activities.Boyce began his formal cycling career by representing Team Foundation in Georgetown. He was then elevated to the national level by representing Guyana in the Caribbean Cycling League which was held in Guyana in 2012.After exiting the sport he returned to Essequibo where he is now the lone cycling coach and has now dedicated his time towards coaching aspiring athletes.He has since sought to encourage more youths from the County to love the sport and to build formal clubs that will sustain the viability and interest of cycling.In this regard, Boyce is also appealing to the Government to provide the necessary facilities. He further appealed to the private sector to invest in the sport as well since he has acknowledged that the Region has tremendous potential and just needs the necessary guidance and attention to succeed.Only recently the Department of Education held a cycling competition and Boyce was impressed with the competitive nature of the cyclists as well as their speed, endurance and discipline.He also observed during the race that there is need for better equipment including cycles, helmets and gloves. These he said are extremely important for any cyclist to develop and systematically progress in the sport.The dedicated coach’s advised aspiring cyclists in the Region to persevere, continue to train regularly and to love the sport. He is determined to reach out to every community and even within the Pomeroon River districts, spotting talent and nurturing them towards becoming professional cyclists.It will certainly be a herculean task; but given his desire and commitment towards the sport, Essequibo may well produce another national cyclist in the near future. (Elroy Stephney)last_img

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