Cerro Gordo supervisors approve bid for new County Engineer facility

first_imgThe Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors today approved a bid for a new facility for the county’s Engineer Department. The new facility will be placed on county property near the Law Enforcement Center. County Engineer Brandon Billings says the facility will replace three others that are aging.  “At this point, I’m looking at some major renovations and repairs to make them functional in the form that they are, and if I need to improve them so that we have more options, it’s going to end up costing an enormous amount of money, similar to the cost of building a new facility. When we build a new facility, everything is new, everything fits the way we need to fit, and we’ll be able to be more efficient with our operations and have less overhead with the older buildings that we currently have.”The main building currently is located on Mason City’s south side in an old National Guard armory. Billings says being just outside the city limits on the west side will help in the winter-time.  “The advantage of moving us outside of town is our response time shouldn’t be affected majorly, if at all, and we should be able to get to what we need to, and have more options with storing materials on site. Efficiencies is really the biggest gain that we get from this.” Henkel Construction of Mason City had the winning bid of $3.348 million out of the eight bids submitted for the project.   “We were only hoping to get four or five bids, and eight is an unheard of number, so there was quite a bit of interest in the project. I think it was because we had a good architect and a good board making it a clear project and a pretty easy thing to follow.”  Billings is hoping the project will be completed prior to December 1st, in time for the winter driving season.last_img

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