Valverde sets the bar very high for Setién: he leaves with 81 leading days of 95

first_imgQuique Setién will have to put the batteries quickly and more taking into account how this directive is spent, which has given clear signs of prioritizing the results over the game. And is that if we talk about the result, and more specifically, in The league, competition in which the Cantabrian coach will be released this Sunday against Granada (21 hours) in the Camp Nou, the role of Setién is to start to tremble. Barcelona has been nine consecutive days as leader, has finished the equator of the season with the honorary title of winter champion and is the most scoring team (49), with an abysmal difference from the second, Real Madrid (36). LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 15, 2020 In fact, since Valverde arrived in Barcelona two and a half seasons ago, Barcelona has become the real roller in the championship. One fact is enough to reflect the enormous superiority of the Blaugrana in LaLiga: of the 95 days that Valverde led the team was a leader in a total of 81. This overwhelming domain served him to win the last two titles several days in advance.Only fourteen times he did not lead the table: two (2017/18), three (2018/19) and nine (2019/20), being the Real Madrid the second team with the most leaders (6), ahead of Seville (5), while the rest (Athletic, Real society, Athletic Y Pomegranate) must conform to a leadership.There is no doubt that the pressure in this aspect for the new coach will be maximum, since it does not come to save a team in the lower area of ​​the table, but to consolidate the leadership of a club that since day eleven is at the top of the table, although it is true that in seven days he has shared the first position with Real Madrid.last_img

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