Shameful, smack disrespect for the court

first_imgDear Editor,It is now public knowledge that on June 18, 2019, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) delivered decisions on two significant constitutional cases, which threatened a Government inflicted erosion of the democratic norms in Guyana as a Caricom and Commonwealth State. The consequences are dire for the fallen coalition Government and as a consideration, the CCJ has requested submissions of instructive recommendations from consensus seeking consultations between the President and the Leader of the Opposition. Following which, the court is expected to make absolute and final binding consequential instructions on July 12, 2019.As Guyana’s final appellate court, the objectivity of the rulings clearly establishes the illegality of the Granger-led APNU/AFC coalition Government since March 21, 2019, and reaffirms the Constitution’s pinnacled position in Guyana’s legislative framework. Further, it nullifies the derailed and clearly abused path headed by the APNU/AFC leaders and their silent coalition partners, who have utilised every flimsy excuse and underhand manoeuvre to dodge and avoid National and Regional Elections.The reactions to the judgments by persons in the highest echelons of the Government are indeed shameful and portray smack disrespect for the court. It is despicable that the Cabinet continues to meet and function in conflict with the mandate expressed in Section 107 of the Constitution, approving billions of taxpayers’ money when the focus should be treating electoral matters with appropriate speed. In context, the President’s go-slow approach is remiss of the level of seriousness which must be afforded to the matters. This heightened disregard continues to be effectuated by President Granger’s continued use of advice from the clearly biased and illegally appointed Ret’d Justice James Patterson whom the CCJ ruled must be removed.The most recent, stupid and insulting declaration to come from President Granger and some coalition members is that the President must be allowed to make nominations for the appointment of the Chairman of GECOM. This is tantamount to re-establishing a unilateral position if it is not agreed on by the Leader of the Opposition. If not treated or accepted in good faith by Mr Jagdeo. This latest position of Granger smacks at the integrity of the selection process and would be frustrating and demonstrative of no respect for the Guyana Constitution and the eminent Judges at the CCJ.Simply put, there should be objectivity in the process and the Leader of the Opposition must refuse to be bullied. The highly respected Judges on June 24, 2019, advised that “the court decided that the most sensible approach to operationalising the consultation mechanism, was for the leader of the Opposition and the President to communicate with each other in good faith and perhaps even meet to discuss eligible candidates for the position of Chairman before a list is formally submitted. The aim of these discussions must be to agree with the names of six persons who fit the stated eligibility requirements and who are not unacceptable to the President.”At the time of writing, it is known that the first meeting between President Granger and Jagdeo had taken place with others pending for the new week. One could decipher, however, that the time playing attitude of the coalition Government and uncertainty of President Granger, in particular, is sending a clear message that the highest court of the land will have to rule definitively to ensure the supremacy of the Guyana Constitution.The CCJ will have to give clear directives on the way forward! This is because President Granger is playing delayed compliance on one hand, while the members of his cabal are behaving as if all things are smooth and normal. The Prime Minister and other senior Government Ministers have publicly called for war and have expressed a total disrespect for the CCJ rulings. It is imperative, therefore, that Guyanese mobilise and start a massive protest to convey the unacceptability of this wanton disobedience.The PNC/APNU/AFC must not be allowed to bully Guyanese. The progressive leaders, labour unions, civil society, Private Sector businesses, churches, and students must now fix a date and march and resist this illegal unconstitutional regime. Guyanese, we need to get up and struggle and demand that we get free and fair elections now.Where is Caricom? Now that the CCJ has ruled, it is necessary to know what is the position of Caricom in respect to this illegal and unconstitutional APNU/AFC Government.Sincerely,Neil Kumarlast_img

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