Kitty Market rehabilitation recommences

first_imgRehabilitation of Kitty Market has recommenced after several weeks of delay as a result of shortage ofThe incomplete Kitty Marketmaterial.Vendors related to this publication that the contractor has recommenced works and they await the completion of the long-delayed rehabilitated market.“The materials buy, we see it coming lil bit lil bit, and the workers start their work from what I can see,” a vendor who identified himself only as “Rata” said.Other vendors expressed hope that there would be no other delays in completing the market since they are still being charged a monthly rent for the space they are to occupy when rehabilitation is finished.“It hard, you know, we still gotta pay we rent and so. Look how long the due date pass. They ain’t thinking bout we out hey. We gotta pay fuh occupy the space they give we here and the market space otherwise we gon lose it. I just hope they ain’t stop work until the work done this time,” highlighted a visibly frustrated fruit vendor.However, no date of completion could be disclosed by the vendors.The rehabilitation of the Kitty Market began earlier this year, and the announced deadline at the time was scheduled for before Guyana’s 50th Jubilee Anniversary on May 26. However, construction halted, causing many persons to refer to the work as an election gimmick, under the refuted claims that the Mayor and City Council had become cash-strapped and unable to pay contractors for the restoration.During the latter part of the previous month, Guyana Times was informed by City Engineer Colvern Venture that the reconstruction on the Kitty Market had already resumed but was delayed because of the rainy weather: “The work is ongoing right now. It was stopped a little because of the rain and it was delayed because of the weather, but work is pressing on.”Additionally, upon visits to the market after this claim was made, Guyana Times was informed by City Hall officials that construction had indeed been halted but work was to resume the following week.last_img

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