10 Incredible People Coming to the Real-Time Web Summit

first_imgThe ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Web Summit in New York City is just one week away! We’ll be working hard together on understanding the future of real-time data delivery, social networking, media, industry and more. Unlike standard conferences where talking heads speak at a passive audience, ReadWriteWeb events are fully participatory with every attendee working together as equals to make it a super high-value experience. It works out really well and people love it.So who will you get to rub elbows and meld minds with if you join us next week? Check out this small sample of 10 incredible people who graciously allowed us to discuss their participation in the event. It’s a knock-out crowd and you should join it to build the future with us. Click here to register now for this high-energy day – or check out just a few of the fabulous participants below.Real-time web? Roden wrote the book on it.Ted RodenTed Roden (right) is the author of the O’Reilly book Building the Realtime User Experience, due out next month. A serial side project developer, Roden has built apps like EnjoysThin.gs, Blasted.app and low-cost personal assistant program Fancy Hands (our write-up). Roden’s day job is in the R&D department of a long-running media organization that prints all the news that’s fit to print.John BorthwickCEO of BetaworksBusiness Week calls Borthwick “perhaps the real-time Web’s key articulator.” We’ve called him “the thoughtful Prince of the real-time web.” He’s the CEO of Betaworks, a small investment firm backing Twitter, Tumblr, Tweetdeck, Superfeedr, Gdgt, Outside.in and many other high-profile real-time industry leaders. URL shortener Bit.ly and real-time syndication service Twitterfeed are both in-house at Betaworks. Borthwick is a deep, big picture thinker and an honor to have with us at the event.Chris DixonRed-hot blogging investor.Chris Dixon was a personal investor in Skype and is now investing in something super-cool every time we turn around. Dixon is co-founder of Hunch along with Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake, he’s helping launch an alternative to Facebook Like called OpenLike (our coverage) and was named the #1 Angel investor in tech by Business Week this year.Jer MillerThe inventor of Jabber/XMPP.Jeremie Miller invented Jabber/XMPP, the open source protocol that now powers almost every instant messaging program on earth and many other software, including Google Wave. These days Miller is helping build a startup called Knowmore.Anil DashHelping the White House crowdsource the next big challenges.Anil Dash, a long-time leader of the blogging community, now runs Expert Labs, an American Association for the Advancement of Science funded think tank. Expert Labs has hired Lifehacker founding Editor Gina Trapani and has been tasked by the White House to provide the collaboration software being used to determine and execute the Federal government’s next moon-landing scale grand scientific challenge.Dan LewisSesame WorkshopDan Lewis is the Director of New Media Communications at Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind the children’s television empire Sesame Street. Lewis has degrees in Law and economics and he flipped a thriving sports wiki company to Wikipedia’s for-profit arm Wikia. In other words, he’s an incredibly interesting guy.Sree SreenivasanColumbia Graduate School of JournalismSree Sreenivasan is a journalism educator at Columbia University and a technology evangelist and skeptic. A journalist and commentator on international, national and hyperlocal levels, he was a founding administrator of the Online Journalism Awards.The Onion, Popular ScienceBaratunde ThurstonBaratunde Thurston (right) describes himself as “a comedian, author and vigilante pundit.” He’s Web Editor at comedy site The Onion and hosts Popular Science’s Future Of on Science Channel.Thomas VanderwalFolksonomistThomas Vanderwal is an Information Architecture consultant to companies around the world and is best known for coining the term “folksonomy” – the practice and method of collaboratively creating and managing tags to annotate and categorize content.Gerry CampbellVery real time.Gerry Campbell has held leadership positions at AltaVista, AOL Search and Reuters. He is now CEO of real-time search and API company Collecta. He helped build Twitter search and is an investor in Tweetdeck, Outside.in, StockTwits and Betaworks. Campbell is a well-respected industry thought leader and his blog luckyrobot.com is a must-read.And You!Register now to join us in New York City on June 11th. These ten people and many more will be hashing out the future of the real-time web and how to leverage it for your organization. Don’t miss this opportunity. It’s sure to rock your world. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… marshall kirkpatrick Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img Related Posts Tags:#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img

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