Kids Deploy Too!

first_imgAs with other sites open to our children, safety is the number one priority for MKC. The webmasters have provided parental access to control and monitor your child’s activities on the site. Parents and caregivers can login and navigate the site prior to their child’s participation so that they are aware of the activities and content their child(ren) will see and use. In addition to this, top security measures are in place to prevent undesirable persons from interacting with the children on the MKC site.For more information on MilitaryKidsConnect .org see their About page. Kids Deploy Too!Deployed Military KidsWe have all participated in information sharing regarding military families and deployment. We discuss how to support the “solo parenting” partner left behind, how to help the deployed parent remain connected to his or her family, and how to support the co-parenting efforts of these families. However, one thing not readily discussed is programming designed to support our “deployed” military children.Our military children grow up through multiple deployments, often leaving them without one or both parents for extended periods of time. These separations take their toll and our military kids must do what they can to get through.The Department of Defense and the National Center for Telehealth & Technology recognized a need to support these military kids, and they are doing just that, with the development of a new website called The site was designed to do exactly what the name implies. Military Kids Connect strives to help prepare our military children for the challenges they face during the significant parental deployments and family transitions they experience every day.MilitaryKidsConnect, affectionately referred to as MKC, is an online community developed specifically for military children (ages 6-17 yr old). MKC provides military kids with a safe and secure environment where they can access age-appropriate resources designed to support children from pre-deployment, through a parent’s or caregiver’s return.MKC is packed full of fun designed just for kids! Once logged in your kids will have access to games, activities, helpful videos of other kids who have been through deployments, and user surveys all designed to reinforce resilience, understanding, and coping skills in your military children and their peers. In order to develop a sense of connectivity with other military children, there are also message boards (parental approval required), interactive maps, a personal scrapbooking application and more.MKC Logo According to the MKC website: “Through participation in MKC’s monitored online forums, children can share their own ideas, experiences, and suggestions with other military children, helping them to know they are not alone in dealing with the stresses of deployment.”last_img

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