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first_imgIf your New Year resolution was to fight the flab, chances are you have already signed up at the neighbourhood gym. But if you are not too comfortable matching steps with a group or feel awkward discussing your body or your health problems with a male trainer, do not despair.,If your New Year resolution was to fight the flab, chances are you have already signed up at the neighbourhood gym. But if you are not too comfortable matching steps with a group or feel awkward discussing your body or your health problems with a male trainer, do not despair. The city’s top female fitness trainers can take you from fat to fit with tailormade regimes in the privacy of your homes. What’s more, they can also double up as confidantes for your bingeing bouts. So take your pick from kickboxing, yoga and pilates and work out your way to good health and picture perfect bodies.Rashmi Kumar Speciality: Yoga.At: Pocket 52, House no. 126, 2nd floor, C.R. Park.Tel: 9212244220.An expert in Ashtanga yoga, Rashmi Kumar was initially drawn to the science by the poses which she found fascinating. In 1999, after finishing school, she enrolled for a two-year diploma course in yoga at Delhi’s Chandra College and followed it up with an MA in the subject from Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute, Rajasthan. Eight years later, she not only teaches yoga at The Park, the Brazilian embassy and the Jor Bagh Association, she also makes home visits for personal training. “The clients I train personally usually have health problems like cervical pain, diabetes, arthritis and asthma. Through specific asanas and cleansing processes, I help them recuperate faster,” says Kumar. The fitness enthusiast also holds special classes for pre and post natal cases and believes that women are more comfortable discussing their health problems with trainers of the same sex. Incidentally, Kumar also holds workshops for call centre employees suffering from stress and spine-related problems, besides taking groups on three-day yogacum-adventure tours to Rishikesh and Dharamshala.advertisementVesna JacobSpeciality: Pilates.At: 202, Kailash Hills.Tel: 9350026373.One of the hottest names in local fitness circles, Vesna Pericevic Jacob moved to India from Bosnia after marriage three years ago. This athletic lady says she was involved in sports from childhood and used to play basketball at the national level in Bosnia. After a knee injury cut short her sporting career, she got herself an associate degree in fitness coaching from Cantonbridge in England and took to training others. While working as a fitness expert and language consultant for the US Army Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia in 2000, she met a US Army sergeant who introduced her to pilates. Once she came to India, Vesna began teaching pilates to family friends who in turn recommended her to their acquaintances. Almost overnight, she had a host of people queuing up for lessons. “Most of my private clients come with back problems and I customise their workouts accordingly,” says Vesna, who, interestingly enough, has an equal number of men and women clients. “Most people don’t expect women to know much about fitness. But I build up respect and trust in my male clients with my knowledge and by keeping myself updated with new technology and research related to fitness,” she says. Proof of her success lies in the fact that her male clients trust her with weight training while her female clients say they find it easy to bond with her. But then, Vesna customises her workouts according to gender. “Usually men are encouraged by military regimes, while for women, reasoning works better,” she says, very reasonably.Nirmala Bhanu Speciality: Krav Maga.At: Krav Maga Studio, M-6, Saket.Tel: 41764597.The first woman instructor in India to be certified by the International Krav Maga Federation of Israel, Nirmala Bhanu’s fist packs a lot of punch. Bhanu, who learnt the art from the chief instructor of the Saket-based International Krav Maga Federation Vicky Kapoor, coaches women in kickboxing and Krav Maga. “This martial art includes cardio and stretching exercises, is easy to learn and effective in keeping fit,” says Bhanu, adding, “Compared to about 500 calories burnt at a regular one-hour workout, Krav Maga burns 800 calories.” This trainer from Kullu has an impressive record in self defence, having worked as deputy manager at the Ladies PSO Wing at Vision Security Group and as a martial arts coach for NCC’s No. 1 Air Squadron Kullu. She is also a second degree black belt karate expert and has worked as a fight master with Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty.Nisha Varma Speciality: Aqua aerobics and yoga therapy.At: Reebok India Company, Gurgaon.Tel: 9810493313.Nisha Varma, whose workout sessions combine cardio and strength training with pilates and yoga, started out as an advertising professional. But when her husband got posted to Paris, she decided to do something different and got seriously interested in fitness. When she returned to India in 1993, she signed up for a yoga course in Visakhapatnam and later, in 2004, got a Reebok Master Trainer certificate from Paris. Varma has been working as a trainer for 16 years now and handles several clients suffering from orthopaedic problems and muscle weakness, besides women wanting to tone up after childbirth. “My workouts strengthen the abdominal and lower back muscles, and allow people to perform daily chores with fewer chances of injury,” says Varma.advertisementlast_img

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