Morocco Sets Age of Domestic Workers at 16

Rabat – The commission of Justice, Legislation and Human Rights of the House of Councilors has resumed discussions over the domestic workers bill, according to news magazine Telquel.In the presence of Employment and Social Affairs Minister, Abdesalam Seddiki, parliamentarians discussed the bill and voted for 12 amendments out of the 21 available.The bill stipulates the signing of a compulsory contract between the employer and the domestic worker with an 8-day trial period in addition to the obtaining of a medical certificate that proves the employee’s good health. In an attempt to end the work of little maids, the bill stipulates, among other revisions, the prohibition of employing domestic workers under the age of 16.The first bill passed by the government in March 2013 called for a minimum age of 15. When consulted, the National Council for Human Rights had recommended in November 2013 that the minimum age should be set at 18. An opinion also shared by the Economic and Social Council.According to Telquel, the discussion are expected to resume on January 5th in order to discuss matters such as the minimum wage for the domestic workers, leave, severance pay, etc. Once voted, the text will be returned to the House of Representatives for adoption.

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