MoroccanAmerican Professionals Support Tunisias Struggle for Democracy

New York- The Association of Moroccan Professionals in America (AMPA) issued a statement on July 2, condemning the recent terrorist attack on Tunisia and standing in support of the continuing efforts of the Tunisian people to resist terrorism and stand strong for plurality, tolerance, and democracy.On the eve of Americans around the world celebrating their independence from tyranny and despotism, a group of Moroccan professionals in America issued a statement yesterday strongly condemning the “heinous acts of violence perpetrated in our sister Maghreb country of Tunisia” on June 26.Chaouki Zahzah, President of AMPA, said, “As Moroccans living in the United States especially, and appreciative of the life, liberty, and happiness that are considered an inalienable right in this great country, we thought it was important at this time for us to express our support for our brothers and sisters in Tunisia who are just embarking on their struggle for democracy.” AMPA called upon the international community “to work together to fight against the scourge of terrorism and intensify existing cooperation to bring to justice the perpetrators of this crime and to assist Tunisians in restoring and maintaining [Tunisia’s] banner of democracy in the Middle East.”The statement expressed the group’s “deepest condolences to the victims of the tragedy and our solidarity with the people of Tunisia.”The statement concluded, “We support all Tunisians in resisting the onslaught of terror tactics and applaud your courage in staying the course toward a more pluralistic, democratic, and prosperous society.”

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