first_imgTolerance is a very important    word, and not word only, but concept.  With it, a lot of good can happen between and amongst people or groups within a nation.  Without it,   the exact opposite can occur, a lot of bad.   Because of the importance of this word, it has many meanings that help us to understand its full import (significance).  One is  broadmindedness.  Another is open-mindedness.  These            denote a willingness of a     person or group to accept another’s belief, way of life or disposition, whether we share it or not.  Of course, it is hoped that another’s belief or way of life depicts good, not evil.Forbearance—which means patience, self control, restraint, mercy—is another synonym of tolerance. So is love—the greatest of all virtues.  It is the greatest because that is God Himself, for Scripture tells us that God is love.  The Apostle Paul says  that among the three principal virtues—faith, hope and love, “the greatest of these is love.”Our country, Liberia, is truly  blessed.  Yes, it is a land with a plethora (abundance) of differences—ethnic, religious, cultural, etc.—and yes, we have been through a brutal,  totally unnecessary civil war.  It happened only because the leaders did not LISTEN to the cries for change.  Yet, we are  blessed because we love peace.  It was only a few manipulating the many that misled us into war. Early in his administration, President W.V.S. Tubman, realized how so many ethnic animosities had in the past ripped the country apart—inter-tribal wars and the divide between the settlers from America and elsewhere and the indigenous majority.  So from the onset he envisioned the Unification Policy and did not rest until he brought constitutional parity (equality, uniformity) between all the groups, in the creation of the four new counties—Bong, Lofa, Nimba and Grand Gedeh.  From then on, these four new counties, like the original five—Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Sinoe, Cape Mount and Maryland—became self-governing (Superintendents, etc.), and represented in the Legislature just as the others—two Senators each and population-dictated representation in the House.    This, mark you, was only a first step up the long ladder of political, economic and social equality, but it was a distinctive and highly significant beginning, that the people NEVER forgot.  Remember, they kept Tubman in power for 27 years! But Tubman did something more: He recognized Islam as the faith to which many Liberians adhere.  He also persuaded—even demanded—that Mandingoes, many of whom embrace Islam, should send their children, including the girls, TO REGULAR SCHOOL.  The Mandingoes were reluctant, but gradually became convinced that that indeed was the way forward.Tubman frequently visited the mosques for worship.  He also,  following Secretary of State Gabriel Lafayette Dennis’ death in 1954, appointed the Mandingoes’ son Momolu Dukuly Secretary of State. So Liberia’s Christians and Muslims have for a very long time lived in peace, harmony and cooperation. When in 1958 Sekou Toure took Guinea out of the French Federation, President Charles De Gaulle stripped Guinea, the former French colony, of everything.  President Tubman came to Guinea’s rescue and sent them rice, other foodstuffs and money, in emergency relief.That brought Guineans and Liberians closer together—and we have been ever since.Remember, too, that in 1958 a Liberian delegation, of which Ambassador Lafayette Diggs is the last surviving member, was in France negotiating a border dispute with the French government.  After Guinea became independent that  October, Liberia withdrew the delegation and terminated the negotiations on the grounds that the territory in dispute had now become “African territory,” a part of the new Republic of Guinea. What are we trying to say?These are the foundations of  the religious harmony that exists among Christians and Moslems in Liberia, and we should allow NOTHING to disturb it.  The religious trouble taking place in Kenya,  Central African Republic (CAR), Mali, Nigeria and elsewhere is alien to Liberia.  But as we saw at the Paynesville Red Light in 2004 and in Voinjama later, religious conflict can quickly spark and spread.  So we all should be very careful and do everything to avoid this.All of us, Christians and Muslims alike, should resist any attempt by any foreign group to change us from this course.  Liberia, emerging from   a terrible war, is trying to recover over a half century of gains we lost.  Let us maintain our unity and rally to the cause, FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,As the old saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. The image displayed on a local television channel and on a news website recently of a member of the Public Relations Department of the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown in a deep slumber, drooling and with his mouth hanging open during the course of a statutory meeting of that body speaks volumes of the lethargy of the administration.How is it possible in the midst of a meeting of that august body, presided over by no less a person than His Worship the Mayor, and attended by other ‘city mothers and fathers’, senior municipal officers and members of civil society, that an officer could nonchalantly fall asleep and only awaken after a rumpus broke out about the ineptitude of that very department to which he belonged.Was he that bored, blasé and uninterested in the proceedings that he thought it best to catch up on some ZZZZZZZs? Or was he sending a subtle message to the Councillors that the meeting was just really a complete waste of time.Why didn’t any of his colleagues wake him, or is sleeping at these meetings a norm? Will he be hauled over the coals for this indiscretion or will it just be treated as a point of jester? In some countries, Generals and a Vice Premier who were caught napping during public functions addressed by their leaders have faced dire consequences.But then again, this is City Hall, and you have about 10 senior functionaries who were fingered for grave acts of misconduct by a Commission of Inquiry but who continue on their merry way as though nothing has happened. Indeed they continue to make a mess of things at the Council and are ostensibly given a pat on the back.I would like to suggest that for their future statutory meetings that the chairs be removed and as is done in some municipalities in the far East, that the Councillors and the officers be made to stand for the duration of the meetings. This would result in shorter meetings, in everyone remaining awake and having less idle talk.The more things change at the City Council, the more they remain the same.Sincerely,Roseanne Rodgerslast_img read more

first_imgAfricare’s Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program (MBNP) team received one of three USAID Global Development Lab’s “Innovation to Action Awards” last week in Washington, D.C. USAID is United States Agency for International Development.The award, according to a dispatch, recognizes the impact this innovation will have, including breaking the cycle of malnutrition and anemia passed from mother to child, and engendering good nutrition and health in the crucial first 1,000 days of life, to ensure that children grow, learn, and thrive.Africare’s MBNP team was honored for this breakthrough mobile application at an award ceremony during Global Innovation Week held at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington, D.C., the dispatch has said.The Africare-developed Hb Meter is a mobile device app for Android® smartphones developed to help program staff measure anemia levels in communities in Tanzania. It can tell if a person is anemic within 15 seconds without drawing any blood. Simply put an index finger on the device and the camera’s flash is able to filter through the skin to measure relevant blood levels, categorizing the result as “severe,” “mild,” or “no anemia” in line with World Health Organization standards. The app provides the results electronically on site, and can feed the data directly into health systems’ databases and dashboards, codified and anonymized to protect the privacy of each individual.Before the app, trained staff had to draw blood, run a test, and read the results to diagnose anemia; this process took several minutes and was dependent on the individual being comfortable with having their blood drawn. The breakthrough of this invention means easy, fast identification of anemia without specific clinical training requirements, needles, or test kits; especially useful when working with infants or vulnerable adults, and in remote areas.  The cost of the test was also greatly reduced from about 62 cents per individual to 1 cent per individual, the dispatch indicated.An indicator of poor nutrition or underlying illness, anemia results in poor health, including loss of energy and reduced physical capacity. In Tanzania, like in Liberia also, over half of all pregnant women, and more than 1 in 3 women are likely to be anemic. Anemia in pregnancy is associated with illness and death of both the mother and baby, including increased risk of miscarriages, stillbirths, premature birth, and low birth weight. Africare’s Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program, funded by USAID and implemented in Tanzania, aims to eliminate 20 percent of all anemia in the first 1,000 days of life using social and behavior change communication to improve nutrition.Throughout the continent, Africare has been recognized for its program implementation excellence., according to the dispatch. As a top global innovator in Senegal, Africare received the Innovative Solutions Award to Prevent Infant/Maternal Deaths at the “Development Change” Saving Lives at Birth Conference for a groundbreaking ICT platform to improve care in pregnancy, delivery and right after childbirth for both mother and baby in remote areas of Senegal.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgThe sale of oil and gas land rights in Northeast BC this calander year has now resulted in nearly a quarter of a billion dollars, in bonus bids. The July sale this week added over $38 million to the year-to-date total bringing it to about $247 million. 21 of the 26 parcels offered were sold, covering nearly 57,000 hectares, and making the per hectare price $675. It was easily the second largest monthly sale this calendar year…more than doubling the bonus bids total of any of the first five. – Advertisement -However, the total also represents less than a quarter of the June sale, which was the 9th largest in BC history. It’s also only about six percent of the sale last July…the one which established an all-time BC record, with over $610 million in bonus bids. The next sale is scheduled, for August 12th.last_img read more

first_imgClosing Huerta would save the district an estimated $570,000 a year, she said, by eliminating the need for a principal and classified, secretarial and maintenance employees. The district would also save on utility costs, Saul added. Board President Ed Hengler, who had vowed a year ago that he would vote against closing schools, said he has since changed his position “because of the continuing decline in enrollment.” He said he fears the state might not fully fund schools and that the district might have to return state money it received for the 2007-08 budget year. “We’ll really be in trouble then,” he said. (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3022160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! NORWALK – Facing a nearly $8.5 million revenue loss, Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District officials are again considering closing Dolores Huerta Elementary School and moving its 325 students to Earl E. Edmondson School. “It makes no sense to keep two schools half-way filled when we can house them all in one,” school board member Karen Morrison said. At its meeting Monday night, the board voted 4-3 to ask the district’s staff to report on how closing Huerta might impact the district financially. The report will be presented at the May 14 meeting. Morrison said the district lost about 1,570 students in the past three years, resulting in an $8.5million revenue loss from the state, which bases funding on per-pupil attendance. If the board opts to close Huerta, 325 students would transfer to Edmondson, which has 410 students. In February of last year, board members considered but rejected closing Huerta and Dulles Elementary School. The issue resurfaced in January, when a special committee report detailed declining enrollment in the district. However, the board again chose not to take action. But enrollment has continued to decline, said Maureen Saul, assistant superintendent of business services, prompting officials to again consider closing a school site. This year, the district has about 550 fewer students than last year, officials said. “We’re finding empty classrooms and seats across the district,” Saul said. last_img read more

first_imgThe Premier doesn’t seem prepared to offer any opposition to it.“I think if there’s a referendum, it’s up to them to decide, up to the public to decide,” says Premier Clark. “I let that unfold as it may.”A federal joint review panel released a report in December recommending approval of the pipeline, with the proposed route running south of the Peace Region communities of Grande Prairie, Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd. The ruling on the seven billion dollar pipeline is expected after the markets close, and Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford has already hinted the Tories will approve it, despite strong opposition from a number of minority groups, including First NationsArt Sterrit is an outspoken critic with the Coastal First Nations, and he’s calling on the province to deny the necessary permits, and halt the project, if it receives federal approval.“This project is just poison,” says Sterrit. “This is a classic example of what not to do if you want to build a relationship with First Nation.”- Advertisement -B.C. Premier, Christy Clark says her government is standing by its 5 approval conditions.“Any proposal to expand heavy oil through British Columbia needs to meet the five conditions, explains Premier Clark. “Enbridge hasn’t met them yet and they need to before they would be approved by our province.”Meantime the Dogwood Initiative has launched the campaign, demanding a province wide citizen’s initiative similar to the successful Fight-HST campaign.Advertisementlast_img read more

first_img There were some supporters below where the hoardings hurtled down from the upper tier 8 8 8 8 8 Arsenal beat Tottenham at White Hart Lane and some fans appeared to rip up advertising hoardings Police move in Click the yellow arrow above, right, to see more pics that could land some Arsenal fans in trouble They are scenes the majority of Arsenal fans will be pretty embarrassed to see.Following the club’s 2-1 win against Tottenham at White Hart Lane, a minority of supporters on the upper tier of the away end decided to rip up advertising hoardings and let them fall towards fellow Gooners located below.“We are concerned that this happened, involving a minority of fans,” an Arsenal spokesperson said.“We will work with Tottenham Hotspur and the authorities on this.”Click the yellow arrow above, right, to see the photos – clearly these fans are not concerned about the possibility of being banned. 8 8 Say cheese! Click the yellow arrow above, right, to see the pictures that could land some Arsenal fans in trouble Click the yellow arrow above, right, to see the pictures that could land some Arsenal fans in trouble – Following Arsenal’s 2-1 win against Tottenham at White Hart Lane, a minority of supporters on the upper tier of the away end decided to rip up advertising hoardings and let them fall towards fellow Gooners located below. 8 A small minority of supporters decided to ruin it for the majority who were simply keen to celebrate a win “We are concerned that this happened, involving a minority of fans,” an Arsenal spokesperson said last_img read more

first_img Ashley Cole in action during David Beckham’s recent charity match at Old Trafford Aston Villa manager Remi Garde has confirmed reports that the club are hoping to sign former England international Ashley Cole in the January transfer window.The ex-Chelsea and Arsenal defender is in the final year of his contract at Roma but is out of favour at the Italian club having not featured so far this season.Meanwhile, Garde is desperate to add experience to his squad as he prepares to quip his side for their inevitable fight for Premier League surreal, and the boss believes the 34-year-old will be the perfect addition.Villa are also in need of a left-back after Jordan Amavi suffered a season-ending cruciate knee ligament injury last month.“I will speak soon with the club. I am already working on the January window” said Garde ahead of Sunday’s home against his former club Arsenal.“We know what we want to do. I feel we will need to improve the team to get more chances [of staying up].“Experience is something we need. Ashley is someone who has experience but he didn’t play for a while now.“Every good player is interesting for me and he is a good player.“We are going to try to improve the team in the transfer window but that is all I am going to say today. We have other games to try to win and I am only focused on that.” 1last_img read more

first_imgGlenswilly notesSummer CampThe annual Summer Camp at the clubhouse is now in full swing. A huge thank you to all the volunteers who have given so much time for the kids. The camp runs until Friday and involves everything from athletics to baking to tyre-painting! Drop in if you have a couple of hours and lend a hand. Bernie Lapsley will always find you a job. Under 10 trip to DublinThanks very much to all who replied and we can confirm the bus for Fingallians is full, and since Donegal have made it to the quarter final on the same day , the boys and girls will be there to cheer on Michael , Neil, Gary McD and Gary McF . The price of the trip is €13 per child, it is €3 to attend Croke Park.We are looking forward to a great day out , thanks very much to the managers and the parents for volunteering to take the boys and girls.Belated congratsA belated congratulations to Glenswilly’s very own Derryman Martin O’Donnell following his recent appearance at the Athletics Ireland Masters event. The well-known council engineer is never found wanting in selflessly giving his time to the youth of the club. Many thanks and congrats again Martin. BingoClub chairman Peter McConnell is still checking the books each and every Wednesday in the club for bingo. It’s ‘eyes-down’ at 9pm but people are advised to get there a little earlier. Anybody who can lend a hand for a couple of hours should contact Paul Lapsley.Best wishesThe club would like to wish Michael, Neil and the two Garys all the best for the All-Ireland quarter final against Mayo at Croke Park this Saturday. Do us proud once again lads.Tickets Tickets which were booked for Saturday’s big game at Croke Park can be collected this Thursday in the clubhouse at 9pm. Support your teams!The ladies team play Malin at home Sunday at 11am and U14 boys are playing Gweedore away Thursday evening. The Minor ladies are away to MacCumhaills on Friday evening also and this game is at 7.30 pm in Ballybofey.GAA NEWS: GLENSWILLY UNDER 10s MAKE BIG TRIP TO DUBLIN was last modified: August 5th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Glenswilly GAA noteslast_img read more

first_imgBOBBY!!! #LFC #BRAMEX #WorldCup— Christian Jacobs (@PPerfect_CJ) July 2, 2018 Firmino is a popular player with Liverpool fans Firmino doing more in a few minutes than Gabriel Jesus has done throughout this whole World Cup.— Leanne Prescott (@_lfcleanne) July 2, 2018 Roberto Firmino celebrates his goal with Neymar Gabriel Jesus has the nudes of the coach…that’s the only reasonable explanation for putting firmino on the bench… #WorldCup— 8th July 💃💃💃 (@great_dlamini) July 2, 2018 2 Gabriel Jesus is a good footballer, don’t get me wrong, but it’s glaringly obvious how little he offers Brazil off the ball in comparison to Firmino. No attempt to pull the defenders out of position to provide space for Coutinho and Neymar. Has to do more.— Leanne Prescott (@_lfcleanne) July 2, 2018 As Mexico searched for an equaliser following Neymar’s opener, Firmino doubled the lead, having replaced Philippe Coutinho.And as you might expect, questions are being asked about why the popular forward continues to be left on the bench, while Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus continues to start.Jesus has yet to score so far, but national boss, Tite, has kept faith with him and has preferred to use Firmino as an impact sub.Below is a selection of tweets from Liverpool fans posted before and after the 26-year-old fired Brazil into the quarter-finals. Gabriel Jesus plays 87 minutes, contributes nothing.Firmino comes on, instantly scores.It’s just that easy.— LFC Fans Corner (@LFCFansCorner) July 2, 2018 Gabriel Jesus is so overrated how is he even playing instead of Bobby ?— Jamie Eric Jason Bird (@jamiebbird) July 2, 2018Then when he scored…. FIRMINO HAS DONE MORE IN 3 MINS THAN GABRIEL JESUS IN THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT VAMOSSSSS— Sam (@VintageSalah) July 2, 2018 Anyone who truly believes that Gabriel Jesus is better than Firmino shouldn’t watch football #BRAMEX— Levi Hartley (@LeviHartley) July 2, 2018 Shaping up to be a classic Brazil World Cup 2018 match.– No goals– Firmino in after 70 min– Firmino involved in goal between 70-90 min– Brazil win– Jesus start next match— UpTheRedmen 🔴 (@UpTheRedmen) July 2, 2018 Firmino goal … Look Gabriel it’s easy yo score a goal 👌— LiverKop (@LiverKop_) July 2, 2018 Roberto Firmino done more in 2 minutes than Gabriel Jesus has all tournament. And that fraud Jesus will still start over Bobby next week…— Mël (@Melfoyy) July 2, 2018 2 I kind of want #Brazil to get knocked out just because they continue to start Jesus over Bobby Firmino. Doesn’t hurt that Neymar and 🐍 (aka Coutinho) play for them, too. So, #VamosMexico, maybe? Lol! I dunno. #BRAMEX #WorldCup #LFC— Christian Jacobs (@PPerfect_CJ) July 2, 2018 That’s why ‘Bobby’ should start.It’s what most Liverpool fans watching Brazil’s 2-0 win against Mexico will have been saying when Roberto Firmino scored almost immediately after coming on late in the second half. Bobby Firmino goal for Brazil against Mexico after being on the field for only a few minutes 👍#YNWA #BRAMEX #LFC— Roar Of The Kop (@_RoarOfTheKop_) July 2, 2018last_img read more