first_img‘Rally, rally round the West Indies now and forever.’ Those are the first words of the chorus of the official West Indies cricket anthem written and performed by Trinidadian calypso singer David Rudder. Supporting and rallying round our team seem the noble and patriotic things to do, after all it is our team, and the only international cricket team we will ever have. However, context and perspective are everything. Coming from a lofty position of marauding dominance, the regional team is now ranked 10th out of 12 in Test Cricket, ninth out of 12 in one-day internationals, and as their rankings suggest, they are the woeful, shameless, and routine “beating sticks” for almost all of the rest of the world in the traditional formats of the game. total turn-off My personal challenge is in reconciling my support of an institution I grew loving, respecting, and revering, and continuously getting nothing in return. The West Indies players of today have either lost track or are totally ignorant of the social and political responsibility attached to representing the Caribbean region and the Caribbean people on the cricket grounds of the world. Having gone the full gambit of emotions from love, reverence, respect, disappointment, anger, and now total turn-off and disdain, the current West Indies cricket team is not very ‘supporter friendly’. When the conscience and heart are gone from the players, they inevitably go from the team. I find it impossible to give unconditional support to such a team. When things get to the point where the West Indies in their lone warm-up game before the start of the first Test match on their current tour of Australia were thrashed by 10 wickets early on the fourth morning of their four-day game by an Australian board eleven made up mostly of amateur teenagers who are yet to break into first class cricket, how can I “rally round” that kind of wimpish ineptitude. I have unapologetically made the conscious decision not to subject myself anymore to the predictable trauma of investing my emotions in the fortunes of this team. Sport is supposed to be uplifting and entertaining and not a permanent agent of depression and despondency. routine battering It is not anymore even about diagnosing the myriad problems that have killed our cricket. That enquiry has been going on for two decades and nothing has changed. It is not even about pin pointing the individuals or the systems and structures that have failed our cricket. It is now for me more a resignation that as a fan of West Indies cricket, understanding that it was great while it lasted, but I have played my last innings. I wish to do this no more. Residual curiosity will no doubt see me asking the scores along the way, or even watching the odd hour or two, knowing fully well the risks involved that sooner rather than later, I will witness the now inevitable and routine battering that will ensue. The sad reality is that West Indies cricket has become a joke. But no one is laughing. I wonder if even Mr David Rudder, who wrote and sang those platitudinous words, still believes in them. Rally, rally round the West Indies now and forever more. Rally round the West Indies, never say never. I DON’T!last_img read more

first_imgFulham are reported to have agreed a fee with Aston Villa for Clint Dempsey.The American is keen to move to Liverpool but the Anfield club are yet to table a bid for him.It has been widely suggested that the possible sale of Reds midfielder Charlie Adam to Stoke could lead to Liverpool finally making an offer for Dempsey.Sunderland have also expressed an interest in the 29-year-old forward, who has made it clear he wants to leave Craven Cottage.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Harold Watters, CPAg/CCA, Ohio State University ExtensionExam registration for the February 1, 2019 exam date is open now through December 14th. Interested in becoming a Certified Crop Adviser or becoming certified in one of the specialty certifications (4R Nutrient Management Specialty, Resistance Management Specialist, Sustainability Specialty, and new in 2019 is the Precision Agriculture Specialty)? Find Performance Objectives, registration, and other materials for all exams on the CCA Exam website: OSU Agronomic Crops Team offers a basic CCA exam preparation workshop on January 9 and 10 in Sidney Ohio. We provide presentations and guidance on how and what to study for the exam – our goal is to help you pass, but at the same time show you where you may be deficient and need a little more study. The price for the exam preparation class is $250. Secure on-line registration via credit card, debit card or check is available at: We are almost full, so reserve your spot soon.Want more information? Contact Harold Watters at watters.35@osu.eduor by phone 937 604-2415.last_img read more

first_imgMaps, Charts & Graphs: Your Geocaching Stats RevealedIt’s a Geocaching Premium member perk you may not know about and a Basic member feature that’s fun to explore. Here’s the link you need: My Geocaching Statistics. We can talk about the cool graphs, the charts and the milestones, but you just have to see it. If you haven’t clicked on the link yet, here’s what you’ll get: Basic Members see “Your Caching Chronology” – a breakdown of your geocache finds with a look at the month you’ve found your most geocaches and the day of the week you’re most likely to geocache. Geocaching Premium members unlock detailed statistics. It’s three pages of bar graphs, charts with rising zigzags and number breakdowns sliced and diced in nearly a dozen ways. You can track your milestones from your first find through your 10,000th find and beyond. Geocaching Premium members can follow their geocaching progress on custom maps and more.You can also edit which statistics you see and whether or not they’re available to the rest of the geocaching community. When you’re planning your next geocaching goal, your statistics are a great place to start.What statistic do you track the most? Tell us in comments below. SharePrint RelatedGroundspeak Weekly Newletter – December 28, 2010December 28, 2010In “Groundspeak’s Weekly Newsletter”Four reasons to start using Project-GCMay 30, 2017In “Geocaching Weekly Newsletter”Geocache Icon Run: find the most cache types in one dayApril 19, 2018In “Community” Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

first_imgAI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage Follow the Puck Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts Dr. Michael Garbadecenter_img What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is clearly taking the world by storm.This technology is poised to revolutionize almost every facet of our lives—from how we purchase items to how we communicate to how we move across the world; we seem to be increasingly reliant on AI systems to move our lives forward.Now, AI is pushing its boundaries further by encroaching into deadly territories: predicting death.Andreybu, who is from Germany and has more than five years of experience in training people how AI works, says that “we are yet to see the full potential of employing artificial intelligence to achieve objectives that were previously unimaginable.”What is artificial intelligence?Simply, AI is a branch of computer science that aims to make machines simulate the human intelligence processes.This way, an AI system can recognize commonalities in a dataset and make intelligent predictions.AI systems usually become better at making predictions using a technique referred to as machine learning.Since they imitate human action and rational thought, the intelligent machines can be programmed to achieve various objectives such as autonomically driving cars and identifying shopping trends.This amazing technology has grown over the years. Currently, artificial intelligence systems are used in various fields of the economy to increase efficiency and maximize output.AI in the healthcare sectorAI-enabled systems have been used in the healthcare industry to catapult its growth. Recently, Google created an AI that can be used to predict a patient’s death—astonishingly.To develop the intelligent system, the tech giant collaborated with other experts from The University of San Francisco, California, The University of Chicago Medicine, and Stanford Medicine.Surprisingly, Google claims that the AI can predict when a patient might die more accurately than other traditional models used by doctors.How the Google AI worksGoogle published the results of trying out the death prediction AI in a journal article in May 2018.The system works by chewing up data about various details of a patient such as age, gender, ethnicity, previous diagnosis, present signs, and laboratory results.What’s more, the system can also take data buried on charts and PDFs and use it for making predictions.After testing the algorithm, Google found out that it could make death predictions with an astonishing accuracy level of 95%, which is 10% more accurate than the traditional models.In one of the case studies, the Google AI software crunched about 176,000 data points of the records of a woman with metastatic cancer and pronounced that she had a 19.9% chance of dying in the hospital. The doctors at the hospital had given her a 9.3% chance of dying.Amazingly, as predicted by the AI software, the woman died after two weeks—beating the doctors at their own game.Although the Google’s AI may not be perfect at predicting deaths, it would continue to perform better as it is ‘taught’ with more data.Therefore, if this breakthrough healthcare technology is improved, it can reduce human error in medicine and lead to more lives being saved.Wrapping upGoogle’s artificial intelligence technology can assist medical professionals to improve diagnosis and make better decisions, ultimately leading to enhanced patient care.So, the next time you visit the hospital, please ask if they can run the AI algorithm against your records and assess your chances of survival.Would you take that bold step?Please let us know in the comment section below. Dr. Michael is the CEO of the Los Angeles-based blockchain education company LiveEdu. It’s the world’s leading project learning platform that equips people with practical skills on creating complete products in future technological fields. last_img read more

first_imgAndrej is a dedicated writer and digital evangelist. He is pursuing an ongoing mission to share the benefits of his years of hard-won expertise with business leaders and marketing professionals everywhere. He is a contributor to a wide range of technology-focused publications, where he may be found discussing everything from neural networks and natural language processing to the latest in smart home IoT devices. If there’s a new and exciting technology, there’s a good chance Andrej is writing about it somewhere out there. Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Andrej Kovacevic Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement AI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage Tags:#AI#business#HR#saas#startups For today’s startups, there are several things required to succeed. The first and the most important thing is a great idea. The second and only marginally less important thing is an ability to operate efficiently and at speed. For that reason, no startup can ignore any approach or technology that saves them time and money if they hope to survive.That’s part of the reason that startups have been so quick to embrace robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI). In truth, there is no end to the ways that startups can gain an advantage by turning to technology in their daily operations. One of those ways has to do with how startups find and hire the talent they need to thrive and grow. That’s because a growing cadre of companies now offers applicant tracking systems in a SaaS model it’s perfect for small, growing companies. Here’s a look at why an a SaaS company can be a game-changer for startups and what their options are.Why Use an Applicant Tracking System?Startups, more than any other stage of the company, rely on talented workers to build out new products and establish their markets. That makes building out a human resources (HR) department as close to a must-have as you will find for an average startup. At the same time, research reveals that as much as 70% of today’s 35-and-under workforce would prefer a job at a startup to an established company. That means the HR departments within startup businesses have their hands full with eager job applicants ready to join their cause.The problem, however, is that screening all those potential new hires takes time, and that costs money. If there’s anything most startups can ill afford, it’s spending significant portions of their operating budgets on anything other than building viable products and lines of business. Using a SaaS system makes it possible for a small, agile startup HR department to handle the torrent of applicants, each opening attracts and provides benefits including:Centralized Resume StorageProviding Searchable Talent DatabasesStatistical AnalysisGreater Hiring TransparencyAutomated Applicant Pre-ScreeningIn short, a SaaS can take care of the time-consuming work it takes to narrow down candidates for a position by reading and ranking applicant resumes with little to no intervention. Also, most resume builder services now format their output, expecting it to be read by HR, so it just makes sense to use one.Choosing the Right StartupAs mentioned earlier, there’s no shortage of SaaS and cloud-based systems aimed at startups and other small companies. It’s a growing and vibrant segment, filled with enough solutions to meet any startup’s needs. The major players include:1. Hire by GoogleFor years, Google has offered a small business software suite that aims to be a comprehensive solution to the needs of growing companies. It made sense, then, when they added Hire by Google to their G Suite business offering. The system provides users with a fully-integrated hiring solution that does everything they could need. Major features include:Posting openings on multiple job boards at onceAutomated online profile search to assemble candidate data (finds things like LinkedIn and GitHub profiles)Automated resume keyword highlightingSmart interview schedulingClick-to-call and automated contact loggingPut simply, Hire by Google automates much of the repetitive processes involved in hiring, and does it in a single neat, attractive interface. As a bonus, it’s a natural fit for any startup that uses the other G Suite solutions, since it’s fully integrated into Gmail and Google Calendar.2. Zoho RecruitAs a company, Zoho is known as the place to go for business software solutions aimed at small businesses. The Zoho Recruit platform has a SaaS solution for that same market segment. What makes Zoho Recruit such an attractive proposition is the fact that it provides all of the basic features a startup could need in an ATS, and it integrates with all of Zoho’s other small business management software. Best of all, the basic version comes free of charge for a single user managing one active job, making it a no-brainer for a startup just building out their HR staffing and processes. Major features include:Advanced candidate data searchCentralized job posting managementCentralized resume storageAutomatic resume parsingBuilt-in online career portal for job seekersLike Hire for Google, the main draw is the fact that Zoho has software solutions for everything a startup needs, and they all work together. Zoho Recruit is also one of the more affordable ATS solutions out there, so it will serve its purpose while not draining precious startup funds, too.3. GreenhouseOne of the things that startups often struggle with is how to build a workplace culture that prioritizes diversity and inclusion. That’s what the Greenhouse ATS solution aims to help with. It does so by being one of the most data-centric ATS systems available to the startup segment, including built-in analytics and reporting tools that are second to none. Better still, the Greenhouse software ecosystem is all about HR, so the platform also offers an onboarding component, CRM functionality, and tools purpose-built to root out unconscious bias and create consistent applicant evaluation processes. Major features include:Automated job postings on multiple job boards, as well as social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedInAutomatic application screening with user-customized selection criteriaInterview scheduling and reminder systemsAdvanced analytics tools and reporting functionsTaken together, the Greenhouse ATS solution provides everything the modern startup needs to find candidates from all kinds of different backgrounds and to build a healthy workplace culture that will stand the test of time.4. Bullhorn Staffing and RecruitingEvery startup wants to become the next market unicorn. That means that no two startups are likely to do things the same way, or have the same needs in an ATS system. Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting offers an ATS solution that covers all the standard bases – and has a robust third-party integration marketplace that aims to cover every outside-the-box use case imaginable. Major features include:Unlimited user interface customizationCompatibility with Salesforce automationAutomated candidate searchHuge list of available feature integrationsThe only major downside to the Bullhorn solution is that it is among the priciest options in the market. The high price tag does mean, however, that any startup that chooses this solution won’t ever outgrow it, because the endless customizations allow it to scale up to an enterprise-class solution that would be right at home in today’s biggest corporations.The Bottom LineAny of the above solutions would make an excellent addition to a startup’s HR arsenal. They all act as force-multipliers, allowing fewer HR staff to stay on top of endless floods of job applicants, and see to the voracious talent needs of a growing business. They all accomplish that without being cost-prohibitive, too. The bottom line is that in a world where startups live and die based on their ability to iterate, grow, and evolve efficiently, an ATS is a natural fit. And now that the SaaS market seems to be offering ATS solutions for all manner of startup needs, they should take advantage of it and make sure to stay ahead of the curve – and the competition. How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culturelast_img read more

first_img1. Simple Motion Graphics Techniques for Editors2. How to Create a Zoom Out from Space Effect3. TV Glitch and Particle Effects4. Motion Graphics Inspiration – Apple Intro Effect5. Discover the Latest Features in After Effects Being able to design and create motion graphics that work in your edit is a great skill to have, these resources will help you get there.As an editor, producers and directors will often ask you if you ‘know After Effects’, by which they mean can you add in some simple animations here or some fancy graphic overlays there. If you can deliver the goods they’ll love you for it.Personally I find the design process much harder than the technical process of making things move but this round up of resources should help you on both fronts. Although most of the resources in this post focus on Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion you can still apply the concepts and techniques in many other applications.In the tutorial above Angie Taylor from Video2Brain talks you through some of the essential basics for working with text in your video project in three packed minutes.Post highlights include (click to jump to each section): Simple Motion Graphics Techniques For EditorsIn this excellent short tutorial, Joe Fellows – a UK based graphics artist, demonstrates how to create a 2.5D parallax effect on your still images. A simple way to spruce up your edit. In the tutorial Joe references a stunning sequence he created for WWF using this technique which was racked up over 500,000 views after becoming a Vimeo Staff Pick:How to Create a Zoom Out from Space EffectAnother popular effect is that of the ”huge zoom out” or the ‘Cosmic Zoom Out‘ as the chaps from MacBreak Studio describe it in this Motion tutorial. To create the same effect in After Effects check out this tutorial from Andrew Kramer that has been viewed over 2.7 million times! TV Glitch & Particle EffectsSimon Ubsdell demonstrates how to create a TV glitch/interference effect in Motion 5 from scratch. A common effect but nice to be able to fully customise it yourself.  In the next tutorial Simon demonstrates how to create a particle collision, which also involves a custom lens flare. Understanding these techniques would come in handy for many a title sequence.In the following tutorial After Effects guru Andrew Kramer from Video CoPilot demonstrates a simple but useful effect for adding a selective glow to a particular color. A useful way to highlight key areas of an image, or just explosions!Motion Graphics Inspiration – Apple Intro AnimationIf you watched the Apple Developer’s Conference Keynote earlier this year you will have seen this amazing piece of animation design work. In this short tutorial from the Macbreak Studio guys you can learn some vital things about mimicking this look in Apple’s Motion 5. The next tutorial demonstrates how to use Newton, the physics simulation plugin that design studio Buck used to create parts of the spot. Making The Most of After Effects Latest FeaturesIn this tutorial motion graphics artist and trainer John Dickinson demonstrates what’s new in After Effects 12.1 and in the tutorial below some of the useful new features in Adobe CC. If you’re new to After Effects after subscribing to Adobe Creative Cloud then these should give you a taster of what you’ve got at your fingertips.Discover the Latest Features in After EffectsIf you’re after even more resources fellow PremiumBeat writer, Clay Asbury has put together some excellent posts that will furnish you with even more places to learn more about motion graphics:Motion Graphics & VFX Courses5 Sites for Motion Design Elements10 Motion Graphics Resources For Editorslast_img read more

first_imgConsider Kidd’s dismissal a wake-up call for a team that had been a feel-good story in the NBA over the last couple years.“A general manager in the NHL had a statement once: ‘If something is inevitable, why wait?’” Horst said at a news conference before the game.Horst added that the decision was made “relatively quickly” and was not in the works through the season. Co-owner Wes Edens said Horst had the ownership group’s support.“We just felt that we got to a point in the season where this team could do more and could perform at a different level in a different way and (we are) looking for a fresh approach and different voice in leadership for the team,” Horst said.Kidd was one of the NBA’s most dynamic guards during his playing career and a triple-double threat in his heyday. He made the unusual jump right into coaching the year after his playing career ended, guiding the Nets to a 44-win season and a trip to the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs in his one and only season in Brooklyn in 2013-14.ADVERTISEMENT Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa Read Next LATEST STORIES 2 ‘newbie’ drug pushers fall in Lucena sting Without Neymar, Messi and Suarez keep Barcelona thriving NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 introduces GURUS AWARDS to recognize and reward industry influencers He was hired by Milwaukee a few months after a group led by co-owners Edens and Mark Lasry bought the team in April 2014. The Bucks traded two future second-round draft picks to the Nets as compensation.In Milwaukee, Kidd inherited a team that won 15 games in 2013-14. He was part of a fresh start for an organization that had been mired in mediocrity for years.Other than a 33-win season in 2015-16, the youthful Bucks hovered around .500 under Kidd while Antetokounmpo and Middleton developed. Malcolm Brogdon won the NBA rookie of the year award last season, and Jabari Parker has the potential to be an explosive scorer when healthy.Despite all that, Milwaukee has largely treaded water in the wide-open East, even after adding talented guard Eric Bledsoe in a trade with the Suns in November. The Bucks are 8-12 since going a season-high five games over .500 on Dec. 9.Under Kidd, Milwaukee a regular-season record of 139-152.“We didn’t lose any talent. We still have all of our guys on the floor. We still have to make the playoffs our goal,” Brogdon said.The Bucks plan to conduct a coaching search after the season. It will be an important hire for a franchise celebrating its 50th anniversary and getting ready for the opening of a new downtown arena next season.“I think Jason’s done obviously a tremendous amount for the organization. He’s a good friend, he’s a soon-to-be Hall of Fame basketball player,” Edens said in an interview before the game.“But we think this team can be the best team in the East and we want to give ourselves every chance we can to do that.” Slow and steady hope for near-extinct Bangladesh tortoises Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH MOST READ Globe Business launches leading cloud-enabled and hardware-agnostic conferencing platform in PH John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Still, if and when Milwaukee does compete for NBA titles, Kidd’s influence will be clear. He led Antetokounmpo and company to two playoff appearances in three seasons — not bad for a team that won 15 games four seasons ago. Antetokounmpo has become a star, and Khris Middleton has also become a standout player.Yet the Bucks are hovering around .500 and stuck in the bottom half of the Eastern Conference playoff picture. The perimeter defense hasn’t ever really improved, and turnovers have become a debilitating issue of late.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSLillard, Anthony lead Blazers over ThunderSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutFor Horst, there wasn’t enough progress for Kidd to keep his job. The surprise firing, hours before the Bucks beat the Phoenix Suns 109-105, sent a message to players about mounting expectations as the talented kids become veterans.“It’s not all on one person. The players have some type of responsibility,” Middleton said after scoring 35 points in the victory. “He’s the first one to go, but it could be one of us next. We have to do our job night in and night out.” Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd watches during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Miami Heat Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)MILWAUKEE — Jason Kidd helped make the Bucks relevant again. Someone else will have to help them become champions.Despite mentoring a young, athletic core led by All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kidd was fired by Milwaukee general manager Jon Horst on Monday. Assistant coach Joe Prunty will lead the team for the rest of the season.ADVERTISEMENT Giannis Antetokounmpo powers Bucks in bounce back win over Celtics PLAY LIST 02:29Giannis Antetokounmpo powers Bucks in bounce back win over Celtics00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC View commentslast_img read more

first_imgThe Rajya Sabha was disrupted on Monday as AIADMK members raised the issue of corruption in judiciary.As soon as the upper house met, the AIADMK members were on their feet raising the issue.Chairman M. Hamid Ansari first adjourned the house for 10 minutes and them till noon.An angry chairman said the house was being adjourned because of “some members disrupting the house against the rules”.Press Council of India chairman and former Supreme Court judge Justice Markandey Katju made serious allegations of corruption in judiciary on Sunday, highlighting the direct appointment of a district judge in Tamil Nadu.Katju wrote in his blog that the judge had “solid support” from an influential politician in Tamil Nadu, adding the judge had once granted bail to the leader.last_img read more

first_imgzoom Hong Kong’s China Merchants Port Holdings Company (CMPort) has completed the acquisition of Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP), the second-largest container terminal in Brazil.Under the terms of the share and purchase agreement inked in September 2017, CMPort has bought a 90% stake in TCP for HKD 7.23 billion (around USD 924 million).The acquisition is said to be the biggest merger and acquisition so far in Brazilian and Latin American port sector.The investment, part of the efforts to implement the “Belt and Road” initiative in the region, is CMPort’s first in Latin America. In addition, the investment represents the first M&A in mature port assets overseas with controlling stake, according to the company.Representatives of CMPort and TCP signed the letter of intent to close the transaction on February 22.“Today’s ceremony definitely represents the perfect opening of Sino-Brazil economic and trade cooperation in 2018… We believe under the support and coordination between China and Brazil, TCP will have a brighter future,” Li Jinzhang, Chinese Ambassador to Brazil, commented on the occasion.“With TCP as the starting point, CMG will continuously promote the commercial and trade cooperation between the BRICS countries, especially in the fields such as Brazil’s integrated logistics, transportation related infrastructure and logistic parks, in order to look for more opportunities on investment, development and operation,” Hu Jianhua, Vice Chairman of CMPort and the Executive Vice President of China Merchants Group Limited, said.Located on the southeast coast of Paraná State of Brazil, TCP has an existing design capacity of 1.5 million TEUs. The terminal, with three container berths, is expected to increase its capacity to 2.4 million TEUs by the end of 2019.last_img read more