first_imgYoure Lawrence is one of the many reasons why seven-time champions Naggo Head Primary were so dominant at this year’s Institute of Sports (INSPORTS) National Primary Schools Athletic Championships, which ended on Saturday at the National Stadium. Naggo Head, which is located in Portmore, amassed a whopping 228 points, way ahead of their Portmore rivals Southborough (117), third-place Rousseau (103), St Richard’s (88 points) and Black River (84), which rounded out the top five. The grade-five student led from the front as he took the sprint double in fine style. He went into the 100m final under intense pressure as he faced Kensington Primary’s Dominique Brown, who is the record holder with 12.53 seconds, after lowering the old standard of 12.72 seconds, which was set by Roje Francis, running for St Francis Primary, in 2009. Lawrence went into the final with the second-fastest time, 12.71 seconds, which he did in the semi-finals. However, in the final, he flew out of the blocks like a man possessed, and with a sea of orange and green-clad athletes, parents and supporters cheering wildly, Lawrence stayed in front to deliver the win in 12.62 seconds. Dominique Brown took silver in 12.83, while Samuel Brown of Harbour View placed third in 13.18. Lawrence’s run in the 200m was also impressive. Having broken the record (25.32 seconds) in the semi-finals, he came off the curve with his signature long strides and by then it was all over by the shouting. He won in 26.08 seconds, with Spanish Town’s Milton Luckain second in 27.59 and third place going to George Headley’s Jevon Nelson, 27.61. DEDICATED to training “I have worked really hard for this all season and I wish to thank my parents, Judith Clarke and Everton Clarke, for their support and all the coaches, including Mr Floyd Coke,” said Lawrence. “He is dedicated to his training and it has paid off for him; and I love how he balanced his training with schoolwork. He is averaging over 90 percent in school and I think that’s great,” his stepfather, Everton Clarke, said. Mrs Clarke revealed that athleticism “runs in his blood”. “I was a former athlete at St Annes High and his brother was also an athlete. Youre is not only a good athlete, he is a team player and a sportsman. When his main competitor, Kensington Primary’s Dominique (Brown), went out injured in the 200m final, he went to him to find out if he was okay,” she said. Lawrence, who plans to be a professional athlete in the near future, is inspired by Kingston College’s ace sprinter, Jhevaughn Matherson, and Racers Track Club and Jamaica’s World 100m gold medallist, Yohan Blake.last_img read more

first_imgNo related posts. Costa Rica’s President Laura Chinchilla and the president of Honduras Porfirio Lobo met Thursday in San José to discuss opportunities for collaboration in the fight against drug, arms and human trafficking, as well as tourism strategies.Lobo said he is looking forward to work on these issues and noted the need for countries where drugs are consumed “to take measures to discourage drug trafficking and commerce.”He expressed interest in the Costa Rican tourism development model and also the country’s experience in areas such as health care, bilingual education, job creation and security for tourists.Chinchilla said she is willing to share experience with Honduras in sustainability, ecotourism and rural tourism.She also stated that “the region’s nations must implement tourism strategies that combine the strengths of each country to offer them as a ‘package’ to foreign tourists.”The presidents agreed to meet again in November to follow up on these matters. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

first_imgJens Karstoft, CEO of Zmags, sent me a link to Simon Sinek’s talk at the TED Conference in September 2009 (posted in May 2010). I think this talk is a great starting point for start-up and expansion stage CEOs to think about and develop their inherent leadership DNA.I was going to say “develop their leadership skills” but I don’t believe that true leadership is a skill to develop. True leaders are born to lead. And they lead by inspiring their followers with a purpose, an idea, a belief in something that transcends the ordinary. Something that ignites the emotions and passions within each one of us. Something that drives us to take action that we would not have taken otherwise.So what’s the relationship between a leader and a CEO of software company? There are three kinds of CEOs in my mind:True leadership CEOs: These are CEOs that are able to take the seed of an inspiring purpose behind the existence of their companies (the WHY in Simon’s talk), and use it to fuel the creation and growth of an enterprise. They are able to use that purpose to inspire their employees to be committed, passionate, and to produce the exceptional. They inspire (through their employees) the desire within their market to be part of that purpose (by buying products/services of those companies). And they inspire their customers (by delivering on the promise of their products/services) into becoming evangelists that draw in more customers through word of mouth. An obvious example of these CEOs are Steve Jobs and Barack Obama (although the jury is still out on Barack’s ability to renew and upsell his current customers!)Managerial CEOs: These are CEOs that do not inspire. Rather they execute and lead their employees in the pursuit of exceptional execution and success. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with these types of CEOs. Not every successful company had to have a true leadership CEO. Many companies have become great big companies by out-executing their peers. I put Bill Gates in that camp.Incapable CEOs: In my world, these tend to be founders who landed in the CEO position because of their founding status. These are CEOs who do not have the skills or the rapid learning ability to become effective leaders of their companies. These are CEOs that don’t have the inspirational or the managerial leadership to grow an early stage software company. There is no shame in that. The worst thing that an incapable founding CEO can do is to allow pride to get in the way of the decision to step aside. There is no shame in making that decision. In fact, a founding CEO stepping aside to allow a more capable leader to take the helm is a sign of true, inspiring leadership in itself.So let’s get back to Simon Sinek’s message. What Simon preaches is that truly inspiring leadership starts with identifying and communicating the WHY of why your company exists. “The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief. The Why is your driving motivation for action.” Only after the WHY has been clearly communicated should the company talk about its HOW, which is the “Guiding principles. The Hows are the specific actions that are taken to realize your Why“. In technology marketing terms, this is what you call your Competitive Advantage. And only then should a company start to talk about its WHAT which is “Tangible proof, results. The Whats are the tangible ways in which you bring your Why to life.” Again, in technology marketing terms, these are the feature/functions of your offering.Expansion stage technology companies tend to over-communicate the WHAT first and foremost. This is typically because technology companies are started and led by techies. And techies like to talk about the unique features of what they have built. When they run out of things to say about the WHAT, they hire marketers… and marketers like to talk about the HOW. Which invariably means that technology companies end up ignoring the WHY.As I reflect on OpenView Venture Partners, I can clearly point to the WHY that inspires me to do what I do… the WHY that gets me through a six hour flight delay to get to a portfolio company board meeting (that’s what I’m going through now). The WHY of OpenView? Our purpose is to help our portfolio companies grow into great big businesses and, through that growth, to deliver to our investors exceptional investment returns. Our HOW is that we deliver extreme operational value-add to our companies in the form of project work that results in tangible impact. The WHAT is that we have created OpenView Labs as the vehicle through which we uncover operational best practices, and deliver them to the portfolio companies through a combination of advice, mentorship, and project work.So think about how you’re creating competitive advantage by inspiring your prospects with the WHY of your company’s existence. Without it, you will not be able to lead your company to become truly exceptional.AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThis1last_img read more