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Two groups have been chosen to set up new centres

first_imgTwo groups have been chosen to set up new centres for independent living (CIL) in Wales, doubling the number of CILs in the country.The new centres will be located in Ceredigion, in the west of the country, and Flintshire, in the north, and will both be run and controlled by disabled people.Although there are only two existing CILs in Wales, the long-term aim is to have one in every one of its 22 counties.The two new CILs were selected by Disability Wales, the Wales Co-operative Centre (WCC), and Dewis Centre for Independent Living, as part of the £318,000 Welsh government-funded Enabling Wales programme.Disability Wales said it hoped they would provide “a kick start to developing more CILs across Wales”.The two groups will now receive support from Disability Wales, WCC and Dewis CIL as they work towards opening their doors to disabled people next March.That support will include help with the bids they will need to make to local authorities, the Welsh government and other sources of funding to allow them to meet their running costs.Disability Wales said the two groups would need to “strike a balance between their traditional campaigning role… with the need to operate successfully within a highly competitive commercial environment, and to manage the potential conflicts of interest when delivering public contracts”.The Ceredigion CIL will focus on providing information and advice – including disability equality training; self-advocacy; offering support to victims of hate crime; campaigning; and fundraising – and will be run by the disabled people’s organisation Disabled People Together, as well as the non-user-led groups Mencap Ceredigion and Creative Lifestyle Solutions.Rhiannon Hicks, Enabling Wales project officer at Disability Wales, said: “The Ceredigion group were successful as they showed a strong understanding of organisations led by disabled people for disabled people.“They also have a strong commitment to the social model of disability, as well as good partnerships with relevant third sector bodies.”The Flintshire CIL will be run by the user-led Flintshire Disability Forum (FDF), and will provide services such as help with managing personal budgets; campaigning; recruitment and training of personal assistants; assistance completing application forms; and equipment hire.Hicks said: “The FDF were successful as they have a strong track record of project delivery, and of securing funding. They also have strong partnerships.”She added: “I very much look forward to working with both groups in the next stage of the project.”Rhian Davies (pictured), director of Disability Wales, said: “We are delighted that following an 18-month long programme of training, development and coaching, working with 65 disabled people across Wales, we have achieved our goal in being able to select two emerging CILs and support their development over the remainder of the Enabling Wales project.“CILs are social enterprises that deliver services run by disabled people for disabled people and offer a new and creative model of provision in line with what people actually need to achieve independent living and well-being as well as maximise scarce resources.”Disability Wales said it hoped the new organisations would in time be able to support other groups towards becoming CILs, while it would itself be providing a “tool kit” on how to set up a CIL.Carl Sargeant, the Welsh government’s cabinet secretary for communities and children, congratulated the two groups, and said: “I am sure that, with the support of the Wales Cooperative Centre and Dewis CIL, they will develop and grow into sustainable enterprises which will promote independent living for disabled people and provide them with the services they need to support their well-being.”Picture by Natasha Hirstlast_img read more

The government wants to increase the number of peo

first_imgThe government wants to increase the number of people who use personal health budgets (PHBs) to choose their own health and social care support from 40,000 to as many as 200,000 over the next five years.It hasapproved extending legal rights to PHBs to disabled people eligible for fundingfrom NHS wheelchair services, and those eligible for aftercare services undersection 117 of the Mental Health Act.But it alsosignalled that these rights would eventually be extended to other groups,including people with ongoing social care needs who also make regular andcontinuing use of particular NHS services; people leaving the armed services whoare eligible for ongoing NHS services; and autistic people and those withlearning difficulties who are eligible for ongoing NHS care.PHBs giveindividuals a pot of money to spend on their health and wellbeing needs, inagreement with a healthcare professional.Manydisabled campaigners have supported the expansion of PHBs, arguing that theycould help deliver independent living for disabled people, whileothers have raised concerns that they could be part of a creepingprivatisation of the NHS, and that they are based on the same “failing” modelused with social care personal budgets.Currently,only adults receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare, and children and young peoplewho receive continuing care, have the right to a PHB.But the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC, pictured) and NHS England have now published their response to a consultation, which ended last June, on extending that right to other groups and the possibility of extending that to include a right to have the PHB managed through direct payments.The governmentresponse says people “value being involved in the planning of their care, beingable to make choices and personalise their support so it best meets their needs”.And it saysthe evidence suggests that those who can do that “are more satisfied with theircare, have better outcomes, and are able to explore more innovative approachesto meet their needs”.Theconsultation also asked for views on whether the government should bringtogether PHBs and social care personal budgets – and educational needs in thecase of disabled children and young people – into an integrated personalbudget.Theconsultation results suggested widespread support for a further expansion of PHBs,with 87 per cent (330 of 379 people) of those who answered the question sayingthey believed that autistic people and those with learning difficulties who areeligible for ongoing NHS care should have a legal right to a PHB or anintegrated personal budget.And morethan 90 per cent supported extending the right to a PHB or integrated personalbudget to those using NHS wheelchair services, with 87 per cent saying thisgroup should also have a right to receive that budget via direct payments, ifappropriate.DHSC and NHSEngland said their ambition was “to move towards joined up and integratedprovision across health and social care” through a “comprehensive model ofintegrated, personalised care” and with PHBs and integrated personal budgets “akey component” of this plan.These plansare set out in the new NHS LongTerm Plan.Thegovernment and NHS England said they believed that more than 200,000 people wouldhave a PHB by 2023-24, including many from the five groups they consulted onlast year.Although thegovernment is only taking forward legislation on those using wheelchairservices and mental health aftercare, it says it will “continue to furtherexplore both the other groups we consulted on, and additional groups who webelieve could also benefit from having a right to have a personal health budget”.Someadditional groups that could benefit and were mentioned by those taking part inthe consultation included people with dementia, people receiving end-of-lifecare, and those receiving community equipment.NHS Englandsaid it would continue to work with clinical commissioning groups to “designand test” the use of PHBs for other groups of people and service areas.Careminister Caroline Dinenage said: “I’ve seen first-hand how personal health budgets can givepeople a new lease of life, granting them the ability to enjoy their lives tothe full. “Thesebudgets help to join up health and social care services, improving people’sexperiences and outcomes whilst ensuring value for money for taxpayers.“We are therefore extending access so many more people can benefit, a key part of our NHS Long Term Plan which will see personalised care become the norm for millions more.”A note from the editor:Please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please note that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS…last_img read more

Jeremy Corbyn confirmed at the special Brexit meet

first_imgJeremy Corbyn confirmed at the special Brexit meeting of the shadow cabinet today that Labour is now committed to a public vote on any Brexit deal – but not to supporting Remain.Although there was widespread speculation that Labour would be shifting its position on Brexit, the Labour leader made clear at the gathering of opposition frontbenchers this afternoon that the party is still “committed to respecting the result of the referendum”.He made the shift towards a public vote on any Brexit deal – from backing a referendum only in certain circumstances, to avoid no deal or a “damaging Tory Brexit” – after the disappointing European election results.The outcome of today’s meeting is therefore not the adoption of a new position on Brexit, but it formalises the policy settled on by the Labour leader last month.Addressing the shadow cabinet, Corbyn said: “We have committed to respecting the result of the referendum, and have strongly made the case for an alternative plan for Brexit as the only serious deal that could potentially command the support of the House. At conference last year we passed our policy, the members’ policy. Over the past nine months, I have stuck faithfully to it.“A no deal Brexit risks would plunge us into the worst excesses of disaster capitalism and trash our economy on the back of fantasy Tory trade deals or worse, very real and very damaging trade deals with Donald Trump, opening up our NHS to American companies.“I have already made the case, on the media and in Dublin, that it is now right to demand that any deal is put to a public vote. That is in line with our conference policy, which agreed a public vote would be an option.“A ballot paper would need to contain real choices for both leave and remain voters. This will of course depend on parliament. I want to hear your views, I will be hearing trade union views next week, and then I want to set out our views to the public.”Responding to the news that Corbyn has only promised further consultation, not a Remain-backing stance, frontbencher Rachael Maskell from the Love Socialism Hate Brexit group commented: “By late July, we will have an extreme right wing Tory Prime Minister, pursuing a hard Brexit that will wreck our communities and undermine our rights.“As a party, we need to present a clear alternative to transform Britain and Europe, and we need to be energetic and enthusiastic about promoting it. Only a radical Labour message can keep us in Europe, and only by opposing Brexit can we be true to our values and set out a radical vision to transform the country. Our position must be crystal clear before Boris Johnson walks into Number 10.”Tags:Labour /Jeremy Corbyn /Rachael Maskell /Brexit /last_img read more

Photo essay Watching the Carnaval parade go by

first_imgIt was a blustery, busy Carnaval. Here are some of our photos.“Hello” Photo by Daniel MondragónDog riding low and slow. Photo by Daniel Mondragón.Padrinos Car Club. Lowriders drove from Salinas and Stockton as early as 5am to participate in the parade. Photo by Daniel Mondragón. Peacock.Photo by Daniel MondragónAfrican beauty queens from the Bay Area.Photo by Daniel MondragónRoller Skater. Photo by Daniel Mondragón.Today was not all fun and games, this man was disturbing the peace. SFPD was quick to respond.Photo by Daniel MondragónBest seats in the house.Photo by Daniel MondragónFather and Son watch parade from 18th and Mission.Photo by Daniel MondragónShining my Daytons. Photo by Daniel Mondragón.Photo by Daniel MondragónStilt walkers. Photo by Daniel MondragónAztec dancer.Photo by Daniel MondragónTaking a break. Photo by Daniel MondragónSuper man was in attendance as well. Photo by Daniel Mondragón.Made in the Mission.Photo by Daniel MondragónBailamos.Photo by Daniel MondragónTrying to get the best view possible.Photo by Daniel Mondragón.Young lady participating in drum circle. Photo by Daniel Mondragón.Woman gets excited during parade with boy by her side.Photo by Daniel MondragónCleansing.Photo by Daniel MondragónBurning stage. Photo by Daniel MondragónThe Line on 23rd to enter Harrison. Photo by Daniel Mondragón.Bubbles.Photo by Daniel Mondragón Tags: Carnival Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemaillast_img read more

Former Delfina chef prepares to open his own place at 19th and

first_imgThe restaurant — it has been named, but he doesn’t yet want to disclose it — will skew Italian, but include other influences. Most of the food will be cooked over two open grills.Traditional menus and service, he said, will be disrupted. What will this look like? Well, his favorite place in Naples has no formal menu. Diners in the small space — not even really a restaurant, he said — write orders on their paper tablecloths.In terms of the menu, most of the items will be shared dishes.More to come.The story has been corrected. An earlier version reported that Strong would serve some food from Spain, but it is actually one of the open grills that comes from Spain and not the food. Our apologies. Renovations are underway at the old Hog and Rocks. Photo by Lydia Chávez 0% Anthony Strong, the former executive chef for the Delfina Restaurant Group, was standing in front of his own, soon-to-open space at the corner of 19th and San Carlos on Friday morning when a FedEx delivery man dropped an envelope into his hands.“My liquor license has arrived,” he said grinning.“Shouldn’t it weigh a lot more?” he asked, surprised at the lightness of the envelope and recalling all the money and effort involved in getting the license transferred from Hog and Rocks, which served its last meal on April 14.Strong said he had been looking for a space for more than a year and he was thrilled to find this location. While he loved his time with Delfina, he said, “I wanted to move out and have some fun.” Renovations are well underway and he should be ready to open sometime this summer.center_img Tags: food • restaurants Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

GRAND Final tickets are on General Sale until 12pm

first_imgGRAND Final tickets are on General Sale until 12pm today.Saints will be predominately based in the Stretford End (West Stand) of Old Trafford and tickets are priced at £60, £50, £40, £20 (for all areas of Old Trafford).How to purchase: Ticket Office for card and cash payment – all categories.Telephone – 01744 455 052 – for best available tickets only in their categories. Please be aware that due to high volumes of traffic during this time we may not be able to answer your call straight away, but we will do everything we can to deal with your requests.(24 hours) Tickets are also on sale via the RFL’s Ticketing website and on 0844 856 1113.Unlimited General Sale continues through to Thursday October 9 12pm.Any unsold tickets will then return to the RFL.Coach Travel is also available from £10.Disabled fans should contact the Ticket Office in the first instance.Below is the layout of Old Trafford.The Grand Final will see Saints take on Wigan on Saturday October 11 with a 6pm kick off. You can also download bigger versions of this file further down this page.Suggested Travel Route:A) Travel on the M6 motorway to Junc 21A and continue on the M62 east – signposted Manchester, Bolton, Leeds.B) Continue to junction 12 M60 motorway – signed S&E Airport.C) Continue on the M60 to junction 9 exit and onto A5081 Trafford Park – signposted The Quays & Manchester Utd.D) Turn right onto John Gilbert Way for MUFC Car Parks – N3 and W2.E) General car parking Warren Bruce Road, Elevator Road and surrounding area.last_img read more

We have teamed up with our principal partners Tota

first_imgWe have teamed up with our principal partners Totally Wicked, to offer a programme that will use vaping products to switch away from smoking completely.Totally Wicked will provide advice and support, alongside free vaping products, that will hopefully assist in your transition away from cigarettes.All we ask is that you agree to have your journey to quitting documented.Interested? Then contact the Club via with your contact details and we will contact you back.The project is limited to a small number of fans on a first come, first served basis, and you must be over 18 to take part.last_img

Pet Pals Meet 4monthold Sheba

first_imgNEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Are you looking for an adventure? How about raising a kitten?Sheba is a 4-month-old domestic shorthair tabby with a mix of brown, black and white fur.- Advertisement – She’s up to date on her shots and just needs a loving home.If you think Sheba could be the newest addition to your home, stop by and meet her at New Hanover County Animal Services.County residents can adopt for just $70.Related Article: Pet Pals: Meet Lately!Adoption services are available between noon and 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday or on Saturday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.To see other animals available for adoption, click here.last_img

Former actor speaks on his battle against opioid addiction at UNCW

first_img “Jobless, hopeless, wifeless. Scared out of my mind that I was going to end up like my brother. The one thing I didn’t do is I didn’t give up. I kept looking for more resources. I kept trying new things,” Mabry said.He believes one of the key factors to battling addiction is support from others.“The way you get people out of addiction is through community. It’s about connecting them with other people. It’s about connecting them with a cause greater than themselves,” Mabry said.Related Article: His family wanted opioid treatment, he did not get it, and he diedAddiction Campuses has a 24/7 hotline for anyone seeking help at 1-888-614-2251. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Opioid addiction is obviously a big problem across the nation and here in the Cape Fear. The fight against it is also happening at UNCW.John Mabry is an actor who travels the country with the organization, Addiction Campuses, to talk to others about how he overcame his addiction and how they can make the change in their life. He came to UNCW to speak to students and faculty about it. He says his life fell apart because of opioids, but he got back on track after his brother overdosed.- Advertisement – last_img read more

UNSOLVED Law enforcement looking into new forensic technology

first_img This is something Lisa Valetino has been pushing law enforcement to use in her sister’s murder. Allison Jackson Foy went missing in Wilmington in 2006. Her body was found in 2008. Bradley said the M-Vac can be used to solve crimes that are decades old.“One case for example was a 39-year-old cold case in Salt Lake City,” Bradley said. “A young, 16-year-old girl was raped and murdered and she was gagged by a halter top.”Related Article: Wilmington Police now using high tech DNA collection systemAccording to our ABC affiliate in Utah, Sharon Schollmeyer was raped and murdered in 1977. In April 2017, police finally had DNA, a suspect, and a guilty plea.“Where the suspect had tied the knot behind her head, where he’d grabbed onto that halter top to tie the knot, that’s where they sampled with the m-vac and that’s where they got his profile,” Bradley said.How does it work?“It creates like a little mini hurricane down there on the surface,” Bradley said. “So you can see it spraying down there and the, it vacuums up just like a carpet cleaner would.”What makes the M-Vac System so much more effective than other methods?“When you get into porous items like rocks and bricks, cement and even a lot of fabric, the DNA will get down into those little areas and physically the swab just can’t get there,” Bradley said. “It’s been shown of collecting up to 200 times more DNA.”Bradley said so far there are about 40 M-Vac Systems in private and public agencies across the country. He just did a demonstration for the Wilmington Police Department and the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.“Those guys loved it,” Bradley said. “Obviously, they would love to have one. They just have to find the money for it.”The price tag on an M-Vac is $35,000.“They are also looking at different avenues,” Bradley said. “You know, using a private lab or maybe a neighboring agency.”In the meantime, Bradley said the M-Vac System has helped solve dozens of crimes. In some cases, Bradley said they do not find out about it until after the case has already been tried or exonerated.The Wilmington Police Department said they are looking into other avenues right now due to the cost of an M-Vac System. Detectives with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said they are looking into using another agency’s M-Vac for a couple of their unsolved cases. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A piece of technology that was once used in the food industry is now being used to solve murder, rape and other unsolved cases across the country.President and CEO of M-Vac Systems Jared Bradley just gave the Wilmington Police Department and the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office a demonstration of the new technology.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Castle Hayne man wanted for child abuse arrested

first_img Cornish is charged with child abuse with serious bodily injury.In a phone interview with the StarNews, Cornish denied abusing his child.“I immediately looked at him, his eyes were in the back of his head and his body was stiff. By the time I picked him up and put him to my chest, he was gasping for air,” Cornish said to the StarNews, explaining William was in a bouncy seat next to the bed as Cornish slept and his girlfriend, Kaitlyn Herrin, was in the shower.Related Article: Bond denied for second suspect in trooper’s murderCornish said he rushed the child out of the room at the same time Herrin was emerging from the bathroom. The couple then called 911.Cornish previously had charges of child abuse and assault on a child under 12 in New Hanover County in 2013.Cornish is currently in the New Hanover County Detention Center under $60,000 bond. NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The man wanted on child abuse charges out of Goldsboro turned himself in on Friday.According to jail records, Michael Allan Cornish, 29, was arrested at the New Hanover County Detention Center around 3:30 p.m.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Recovering from Hurricane Matthew Fair Bluff gets money to hire 3

first_img In June, the Fayetteville Observer reported that before Matthew struck, the town had a population of 900 to 950 residents. Afterward, the town counted about 600 residents.Half of the approximately 20 small businesses in downtown Fair Bluff hadn’t reopened by late May. Flooding after Hurricane Matthew (Photo: WTVD) FAIR BLUFF, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina town still trying to recover from damage caused by Hurricane Matthew almost two years ago is getting money to hire three employees to help its efforts.Officials from the state Department of Public Safety said in a news release the town of Fair Bluff will soon hire a project manager, a land use planner and a police officer. Legislators included the money in the state budget after Gov. Roy Cooper proposed the expenditure.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Neighbors tell police a man got into a fight got naked and

first_imgAlbert James Kensak (Source: NHSO) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One man faces an array of charges after neighbors tell Wilmington police he got so upset he got naked and hit a vehicle as he left an alleged fight.It all ended with him nearly hitting a police officer with a car.- Advertisement – Wilmington police responded to Saint Andrew’s Drive just before 9:00 p.m. Saturday night.They were told people were fighting and one individual sped off in a vehicle, hitting another vehicle in the process.Witnesses told police the suspect had become very erratic and aggressive, at one point he got completely naked, all of this while visiting a friend in the area. Police say witnesses told them that the altercation happened after the suspect was confronted for his behavior.Wilmington police say a citizen followed the suspect and provided the updates to dispatch for police.Related Article: University Community Relations Alliance meeting kicks back up after HurricaneOfficers located the suspect vehicle along Ridge Road near the dead-end of the street. Police officials say the suspect, 35-year-old Albert James Kensak, then intentionally tried to strike an officer with his vehicle.Kensak faces charges of DWI, hit and run as well as assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon. He was placed into custody under a $2,100 bond.last_img read more

Samsung to Market Galaxy S4 in India using Gangnam style

first_imgAdvertisement Samsung  was criticized for the rather bizarre production that it put on to demonstrate the smartphone’s new software features when it unveiled the Galaxy S4 in New York earlier this yearThe company has gone one better, however, with a cringeworthy rendition of PSY’s Gangnam Style in India. A video of the performance has been uploaded to YouTube by Films Of India, showing actor Ranveer Singh dancing on stage with a fresh batch of lyrics designed to promote the flagship device.Samsung is known for its incredibly high marketing budget, which has allowed them to dominate the Android marketplace and compete with Apple over the last 12 months. – Advertisement – Some of the company’s campaigns have been more successful than others, however – this Superbowl commercial with Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd was commendable, but the mini-series with Jeremy was also a little…odd.What do you make of this one? Genius, or laughable? Sound off in our comments section below.Credit: TNWlast_img read more

MediaFire takes on Dropbox with 50GB free cloud storage

first_imgAdvertisement In an attempt to gain on market, file hosting service MediaFire has launched a Dropbox-like application for OS X and Windows which lets users upload files directly from their desktops to the cloud, and share them with others.The beta version of MediaFire Desktop has the same type of file syncing features found in Dropbox  but with up to 50GB of free cloud storage.If you are to compare, Dropbox starts you off with 2GB of free space, though you can get up to 16GB free via referrals. – Advertisement – [related-posts]Mediafire Desktop can come as a benefit to the already existing file sharing service, Have a look at some of the added benefits.Automatic File Sync: MediaFire automatically updates all of your media to the cloud.Social By Design: Share and collaborate with others from your desktop. Social networks supported include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloggr. There is also embedded link sharing for online blogging platforms.Activity Feed: Keep track of all your activity on MediaFire, including updates to your files made by other users, new files received and system status messages.Automatic File Version Tracking: Organize your files by date, edit history and type. MediaFire has an automatic duplicate removal feature.Screenshot Capturing: Instantly capture, annotate and share a screenshot of your desktop.Source: TNWlast_img read more

MyMTN app is the smart way to use Mobile Money in 2016

first_imgScreenshots from the MyMTN app, (left and centre) compared with the USSD interface on the right. Advertisement Launched in 2009, MTN Mobile Money was initially seen as a way for mobile users to send and receive money around Uganda. And for a long time, that’s what most subscribers used it for. Buying airtime was an additional service, but over the 6 years since its launch, it has grown leaps and bounds to become an important part of our society.One of the areas where Mobile Money is enjoying impressive usage and growth is mobile payments. You can now pay for goods and services, utility bills, school fees, food and online purchases with Mobile Money. You can even buy an air ticket on Mobile Money!“The ease and convenience of Mobile Money can best be illustrated by how widely it has been accepted as the preferred method of payment for bills and utilities. Today, more than 70 percent of all utility bills are paid through the MTN Mobile Money platform,” said MTN Uganda’s General Manager for Financial Services, Phrase Lubega at an event in October this year. – Advertisement – In terms of payment of utilities, UGX 8.2 billion worth of Umeme bills are paid through mobile money, with 71.42 percent going through MTN Mobile Money. MTN also collects about sh2.1 billion water bills through mobile money, which is 74.55 percent of total volumes collected.The popularity of mobile money payments and financial services is quite clear when you look at the numbers closer. There has been consistent growth in subscriber numbers, number of transactions and total transaction value. The fact that over 70 percent of bills are paid through mobile money and not banks or other services like PayWay shows that it’s indeed very popular among users.Robert Rutare a businessman in Mbarara says he uses MTN Mobile Money for his payments because its more convenient than his bank.“I use mobile money to buy Yaka units and to pay water bills because its very convenient. Even if I get home and the children tell me that Yaka is nearly finished, I can just buy from my phone. I know I could pay for free in my bank, but the bank isn’t very user friendly because you have to travel to the bank and yet they close early,” Robert said.It’s indeed true. For example for a UGX 20,000 bill payment, you are charged 1,600 whereas the same would be free in most banks, PayWay or if you paid directly at a Yaka Payment point. So users are willing to incur the charge for the convenience that Mobile Money brings to the table.Now let me introduce you to more convenience in form of the MyMTN smartphone app.The MyMTN app is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackberryThe MyMTN app was launched in Uganda earlier this year, and runs on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. With the app running on these 4 platforms, it’s got all bases covered as these are the most popular platforms in Uganda.You must have heard of the app by now, and probably even installed it. If you’ve been regularly using it, congratulations, you’ve already learnt the features that I am going to highlight below!I must confess I was a bit slow to install and use the app after looking at other telco apps that didn’t quite work, or even have useful features. But when I finally did and run through it, I realized it’s the smart way to be using your MTN services. But Mobile Money stands out to me because the app expands on the USSD experience in a really big way.Here’s a few reasons why I think the MyMTN app is the smart way to use Mobile Money:Good bye USSD When you use the MyMTN app, the first thing that you will quickly enjoy is the convenience of the app’s interface. Tapping a menu item is way easier than typing *165# then responding with 1, then 2 etc. Once you’ve used the app, you’ll find the USSD so tedious that you’ll never want to ever use it again.Another trick in the app’s bag is that it’s got a longer timeout, so if you are making a payment while watching news, you don’t have to worry about starting afresh when you were at the final step. However, because of the neat features in the app, you may never actually get timed out.MyMTN never forgets OK let’s go beyond the looks, let’s look at the real stuff. Have you managed to memorise your Yaka number? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you, very many other users have to look for the card or check SMS from previous payments before they can pay again.When you make the payment in the app, it remembers your number and payment amount, so next time you simply tap the payment, enter amount and pay.Using USSD, when you want to see your previous transactions, you dial *165# then “00” to go to next page then “11” to go to My Account, then “2” for Mini statement, then enter your pin, only to be shown only the last 4 transactions.The app gives you access to transactions of the last 1 month at a single touch. Simply touch your mobile money balance to view your account.In addition to listing the transactions and values, it gives you details not available on USSD like the transaction ID, date, time and fee.Smart app When you are sending money to a mobile user, again you need to recall the number from memory, or first write it down before starting the process. With the app, you can actually search your phonebook and select a contact and proceed to send the money.Is that not cool enough? How about being able to pay for goods or services without having to remember their merchant code? The app lists the common ones so you can scroll through the list and simply tap the one you want to pay, but you can also search if you can’t quickly see the one you want.You keep forgetting to top up your Yaka or to pay your DSTV subscription? Inside the MyMTN app you can set up scheduled payments and you forget about that!No data bundle? No problem The app is zero rated, so when you use it on MTN, you don’t need to have an active data bundle. This particularly comes in handy when your bundle has expired and you need to load some airtime from your mobile money balance to buy another bundle.So these are some of my reasons for converting to the MyMTN app, am sure you have others since I’ve only talked about the Mobile Money section, yet the app has also got SelfService, and I’ve not yet fully exhausted it.You can download the app on Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone.Tell us in the comments about your experiences with the MyMTN app.last_img read more

Report Number of tech hubs across Africa doubles in less than a

first_imgAdvertisement The number of technology hubs across Africa have more than doubled in less than a year as more investors and innovators grow the local startup ecosystem beyond the most popular cities.A total of 314 tech hubs and incubation centers were recorded in July by the global telecoms industry body GSMA’s Ecosystem Accelerator, a program that works to enable partnerships between operators and developers in the continent.The figure was a marked increase from the 117 centers that were recorded by the World Bank last year. The more than 300 hubs are spread across 93 cities in 42 countries across the African continent. However, more than half of the hubs are concentrated in only 5 countries, namely: South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco. – Advertisement – The research also showcased how nascent the tech industry is in Africa, with the average launch date of these hubs being 2012. However, the coalescing between entrepreneurs, innovation hubs, telecom operators and giant tech companies is underpinning the rise of a thriving tech industry. The merging of these different sectors is driving innovation by facilitating funding, co-working spaces, skill sets, and more importantly a vast network to support the startups.Up to 13% of the tech hubs across Africa also created partnerships with mobile operators, with Orange, MTN and Vodafone being represented at the most level.Large US tech companies like Google and Microsoft are also betting big in Africa, as the continent’s positions itself as a market ripe for investment. Examples of these include Microsoft’s $75 million 4Afrika project, which supports small and medium enterprises, driving social development and technological innovation.Tech Hubs in East AfricaWith 27 centres, Kenya leads East Africa, followed by Uganda at 12. Tanzania and Rwanda each have 04 and 03 hubs respectively.Kenya’s iHub have been wildly successful, and hope to even become self-funded sometime in the near future. Since it opened in March 2010, iHub has spurred the launch of more than 170 startups.Whereas Uganda’s Outbox Hub recently announced that it had raised over $1m, with its most successful projects include incubating start-ups like Ensibuuko, Safeboda, KolaStudios & Women Passion Program.[Quartz]last_img read more

BEN KEITH Get back to work you lazy beardies

first_imgBlog, what are all of the precious teachers moaning about now? Yet again, someone needs to burst their delicate little bubble. Michael Gove is, unfortunately, due to us going skint and allowing the rest of the world to march forward because of our nation’s relentless weakness and political correctness, having to muck in and make some cuts, and as usual the teachers, who are leftie about everything, except their own pay-rises, aren’t towing the party line. And god forbid they should be judged by their students results and have people sit in and monitor their standard of work! Oh no, no, no, no, nohh, Blog! That’s ‘nohhht faaaiirrrr!’. Get back to work, especially at this time of year when students are preparing for important exams, and stop imposing yourselves on future generations of our country, you load of selfish and lazy beardies. If you’re that fussed, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll all get over it, as you’ve got yet another monumental summer holiday on the way!Money has moved around the world, far from us, to the likes of China, Russia, and Brazil. It’s high time we moved the unions with it. The government should take control of this situation and not be blackmailed. I’m sure there’s lots of hard working and intelligent Polish people who’d love these jobs, if they’re not good enough for the teachers unions. In my bigoted opinion, I don’t think the schools should have so many cuts though, rather the universities. Every Tom and Dick has a degree now, and in what and for what purpose? Once was the time, that if you were university educated, it was something to be really respected. Having spent many weekends in my late teens and early twenties visiting my token leftie friend, AM, at Southampton Uni, I can inform you that the itinerary of the day for most students, was drinking subsidised booze, having self-indulgent lie-ins, and eating burnt pizza. The vast amount of post-grads that I interview seem to have pickled their brains, lost touch with the pace of life necessary to move forward, and start the working world a long way behind those who rolled their sleeves up at sixteen or eighteen. I can’t believe, that unless it’s for a professional job, such as being a barrister or a doctor, where a degree is absolutely necessary, that getting on with it for real, is not favourite.In other news:What are our prisons getting ever clogged up with human waste like Dale Cregan and Ian Brady? With all of this talk of saving public funds, surely a nine foot length of rope is cheaper than keeping these two psychopaths alive? After watching the film ‘Pierrepoint’, I spent months in the office practising timed mock-executions on Gaul Wood, and would gladly step forward and do the job.Despite having a union face, this blog congratulates my old pal, Lofty, on achieving his first pay-rise in a long time. Loft, have a bit less a of a trade-union snarl, muck in, and you might have another one on its way soon!!Over and out, Ben xlast_img read more

BENS BLOG I am a Fat Whitey with an UnluckyFace

first_img[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very Tuesday, Star MD, Gaul Wood comes to London for the day. We plot about how we are going to march on/survive, whatever the case may be, over the next seven days.Last week, between bouts of him trying to restrain my ambition, to take over the World, I said that I couldn’t believe I wasn’t losing weight. I have dramatically cut back on my dessert intake, and have been good, at not eating too much chocolate (this was however, whilst eating a Florentine). Gary tried to explain that, although many of The Staff eat more than me, I just have a poor metabolism.Not interested in this injustice, I continued to moan away. He just looked back at me, and very quietly and knowingly said ‘You’re a Fat Whitey with an Unlucky-Face.’. Silence. THE TRUTH HURTS.In other news:Do you ever get frustrated, that there’s nowhere, nice and easy, but with a local and good quality feel, that you can pop into, and have a quick meal? Well, I think I may have found the solution, at Partridges, in the Kings Road. It doubles up, as a posh supermarket and restaurant, and is actually very good.Partridges, 2 – 5 Duke of York Square, SW3 4LY. (WEB SITE) Don’t worry if there’s a few unpleasant Hoorays about, Blog, you can blank them. The food-hall is second to none. And the menu and service, in the restaurant, both very good value and excellent. Unique and old fashioned. 2 x main courses + 2 pear juices (NAP) = £38. You’ll like it. 8Over and out, B xlast_img read more

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