State attracting DNC ‘refugees’

first_imgState Takes Aggressive, But Low Key Approach To Attracting ‘DNCRefugees’MONTPELIER, Vt. – Northeastern states are taking different approaches inattracting Boston-area ‘refugees’ from the Democratic NationalConvention’s(DNC) stringent security precautions and Vermont is among the statesbankingon a low-key approach to send the right message to potential visitors.”Some states have chosen very targeted messages specifically directed attheDemocratic National Convention and the impact it will have on daily lifeinBoston,” said Commissioner Bruce Hyde of the Vermont Department ofTourismand Marketing (VDTM). “We’re running an aggressive campaign in theBostonmarket and throughout the Northeast but we’ve chosen instead to take apositive approach with our advertising and rely on Vermont’s strongbrandrecognition as a beautiful and peaceful place to visit.”New Hampshire and Maine have opted for very specific DNC-orientedmessages,while Vermont, Connecticut and New York are staying the course withtheirregular summer media campaigns.Vermont Governor Jim Douglas said he agreed with the Department’sapproach.”Rather than focusing on how bad things will be in Boston during a veryspecific period of time, we’d rather be telling folks how great Vermontisall the time,” Douglas said. “The Vermont brand is both very wellestablished and very positive and I wouldn’t want to see Vermont takinganapproach in its advertising that could, in any way, be perceived asnegative.”Hyde said in addition to the Department’s media campaign, Vermont hasalsotaken advantage of the free PR generated by the New Hampshire and Mainecampaigns. “We’ve been interviewed by a variety of Boston-area mediaoutletsabout our marketing strategy in light of the other state’s campaignswhichhas given us a great opportunity to talk about Vermont for free,” Hydesaid.Hyde added that among the PR ‘hits’ for Vermont was travel guru RudyMaxa(perhaps best known for his work on National Public Radio’s ‘The SavvyTraveler’) during an interview on one Boston television stationrecommendingVermont as the top driving getaway destination for people seeking to getoutof Boston.Hyde said it is still not clear what the impact of ‘DNC Refugees’ will beonVermont tourism, and that most of the evidence, at least in the shorttermwill be anecdotal. Summer travel generates an estimated $1.2 billionimpacton the Vermont economy and brings the highest number of visitors to thestate – approximately 33.3% of all annual visitors. Examples of themediacampaign can be found online at is external)###last_img

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