Douglas Urges Congress to ‘Thoroughly’ Investigate Fuel Prices & Take Action

first_imgGov. Douglas Urges Congress to ‘Thoroughly’ InvestigateFuel Prices & Take Action The Vermont Fuel Dealers Association has called onCongress to close the “Enron loophole,” a provision that protectslargely unregulated “dark exchanges” and drives the price of fuelbased on speculation, rather than free market principles of supply and demand.  Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Jim Douglastoday praised the U.S. Congress for holding hearings on skyrocketing oilprices, but urged lawmakers to conduct a “real, thoroughinvestigation.” Governor Douglas on several occasions has urged the U.S. Congress to begina bipartisan investigation of escalating fuel prices.  The Governor and abipartisan group of 21 of his colleagues had called for a similar investigationlast May.  The Governor most recently urged Congress to investigate oil pricesearlier this winter.   “What’s troubling to average Americans is that as theprice of fuel continues to rise, oil companies are making record-settingprofits.  I’m pleased the Congress is finally looking into this issue. It is my hope that they will go beyond hearings and conduct a real, thoroughinvestigation into what exactly is driving price increases and what can be doneto lower them,” Governor Douglas said. ### “High fuel prices hurt low and middle incomeVermonters the most.  And while my administration will continue to hold theline on in-state proposals that would make fuel more expensive, a long-termsolution can only be achieved by the federal government,” GovernorDouglas said.  “Americans deserve honest answers and real solutions tothis recurring and unresolved problem.” Jason GibbsGovernor’sCommunications Director109 State Street ¨ The Pavilion ¨ Montpelier,VT 05609-0101 ¨ is external)Telephone: 802.828.3333 ¨ Fax: 802.828.3339 ¨ TDD: 802.828.3345 Congress has the authority and the ability toinvestigate fuel costs and enact free market reforms that lower prices, the Governoradded.last_img

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